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Former Idols West Africa contestant Omawumi can add Hip Hop World Award winner to her titles. The bold singer celebrated her double wins at Swe Bar this past weekend – Timi nowhere in sight…


Omawumi with Noble Igwe

Omawumi with Noble Igwe

OB Jazz and Waje

OB Jazz and Waje

Birthday boy Godwin Tom

Birthday boy Godwin Tom

Mr. Incredible himself

Mr. Incredible himself

Brandiny squints into the light!

Brandiny squints into the light!

That crazy dude from (haha! Shola!)

That crazy dude from (haha! Shola!)



Bayo Omisore gives his best alien impression

Bayo Omisore gives his best alien impression

Born Chike Nosa Agada, R&B singer/songwriter Chykay can claim to be making waves – not tsunami height, but waves nonetheless – over the Internet.

His music is gaining recognition on both Nigerian and UK radio stations and three of his tracks (‘Smile’ featuring Falz, ‘I Just Wanna’ and ‘Mo Fe Soro’) are amongst the more popular songs on music website He has also worked alongside artists like Beazy, L (a.k.a. T.J. Stattz), Playbach, Falz, 2Slick and Uzzy.


X2 came across Chykay’s ‘What Are You?’ while randomly surfing Facebook (thank goodness for FB).

This is our email interview:

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: Versatile, unique , creative.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a music artist?

A: Well I was brought up around music. My dad happens to be Harry Mosco … the king of Afro funk. He’s known for hits like ‘Country Boy’, ‘Sugar Cane Baby’ and many more. He also opened the first digital studio in Nigeria, so we had likes of Onyeka Owenu, Sir Shina Peters, King Sunny Ade and Lagbaja stroll in and out the studio. [It] was set up in our garage (LOL). It was and still is state of the art, so I guess it contributed to my love for music. I have passion for what I do.

Q: What is the creative process like?

A: Well, I really like writing about personal situations in my life so it’s always a while before I enter the studio. Like my father, I too, am a perfectionist. I like to sing from the heart so listeners feel what I feel. Once I get inspiration a good instrumental would do the song justice.

Q: Any pre-performance rituals?

A: (LOL) Well, I simply do the sign of the cross, and start telling myself “you’re a star, you’re the man, you’re the man. Now rock this stage! (LOL)

Q: How would you rate the Nigerian entertainment industry?

A: Well, I must say I am so impressed with the industry today. Things have definitely moved      forward.  There’s so much talent in our beloved Nigeria. Recently I was watching CNN and I saw Asa. I was so happy I started bragging to the people around me – “You see she’s Nigerian.” (LOL). I am so impressed but we still have one major problem – PIRACY.  Yeah, artists have found a way to make money off shows but to make the maximum of what we have we have to fight PIRACY. I am well aware we have a musician body called PMAN. I hope they tackle this problem now that the whole world is watching us.

Q: Any plans to work in Nigeria?

A: Definitely. I was in Nigeria for about 3 months last year… spent most of my time in the studio. We created tracks like ‘Mo fe soro’ and ‘Steeze and Cruise’.  I plan to officially release them [in Nigeria] this summer. A couple of my songs are on the internet and are receiving good feedback.  

Q: What type of audience do you have in the UAE?

A: Well, really, I don’t have an audience in the UAE. I was in England before I came to Dubai. I had been doing my music officially since 2003 in England. I left England by 2008 for Nigeria. I had finished my bachelor’s degree in England and then I left for Dubai in January 2009 to do a master’s programme. I chose Dubai just to extend my knowledge of culture being that I have never been in the Arab world. I guess my audience is pretty much mixed thanks to the internet.

Q:  Are you following any of the Nigerian music awards?

A:  Yes I am. I was just telling my manager that we should work harder and by God’s grace  we could be nominated for the next Hip Hop Awards – he screamed AMEN!!!

Q: Which Nigeria-based performer would you like to work with most?

A: Well, I am into different types of music. I love anything that sounds good, so I’d love to work with anybody. Asa and Cobhams would just make my year!

Roll the Dice!

Posted: May 15, 2009 in X-Files

So tomorrow is the long awaited Hip Hop World Awards and we at X2 have nothing better to do than sit in a corner of the office and bet on the winners. Check out our predictions:

Album of the year Talk About it (MI). Common this album sold 30,000 copies in within 30 minutes of release. So they say.

Artiste of the year D’Banj. Brother can beat the best politician when it comes to moving the crowd.

Song of the Year Gongo Aso (9ice). Even if you’re hearing impaired, you can’t be oblivious to this street anthem.

Recording of the year Okay… was a bit confused over this one – Torn between Street Credibility and Not the Girl

Producer of the Year It’s Don Jazzy Again!!!

Best Music Video People (at least in our newsroom, don’t remember this Pere video so maybe the deserving nominee is…

Best Reggae/Dance Hall Album The Gift and Grace album by Timaya has been banging all dance hall, and this is literally, ha ha!

Best R ‘n’B/Pop Album Entertainer (D’banj). This album is popping up everywhere.

Best Rap Album Paradigm Shift (Mode9): Although controversial, this rapper’s rhyme takes a lot of other rappers through school. They’ll be learning the stuff that he taught.

Best collaboration J Martins Good or Bad and  Lord of Ajasa ft. 9ice ‘Le Fenu So’. Both collaborations are outstanding and actually work. Either is worth the award.

Best Rap Single Kini Big Deal (Naeto C): so what if he’s already won the MAMA? What’s the Big Deal?

Best Vocal Performance (male) Darey Art Alade, ‘Not the Girl’. The brother hits like how many notes in this track?

Best Vocal Performance (female) Men, these babes. Hmm…no prediction here, although Waje…

Next Rated? We’re placing our bets on Kel and Omawumi cos these girls are hot AND Djinee has been around a bit too long to be in this category.

Hip Hop World Revelation MI Talk About It. This revelation is the genesis  of a new beginning in Naija Hip Hop.

Lyricist on the Roll This is definitely between Mode9’s Nine and MI’s Talk about It. Their …flow is A plus plus – Mode 9 (Nine)

Best Street Hop What is this?