Five things Nigerians are really proud of

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Our country

Forget the fact that Nigerians love to complain about their country and most times hardly find any thing good to say about  it . But if you are a foreigner and want to join in the” lets-rundown- Nigeria” talk, you better be pretty ready for a “who-put-your-mouth” retort. Only Nigerians are allowed to abuse Nigeria.

The fact that we dislike our leaders doesn’t mean that most of us (I need to add that) have totally given up on Nigeria. We only wish that living conditions within the country were better.

Our Food

For most Nigerians, there is no food like Nigerian food. Fullstop.

It has been said that most Nigerians find it very difficult to adapt to foreign cuisine hence the reason we always import our food along with our most able minds and limbs as we flee from the unbearable conditions “back home”. Meanwhile most foreigners can’t wait to taste our eba, fufu, okro soup etc.

Our sense of style

We Nigerians love to dress. We are some of the most fashionable people in Africa even if we say so ourselves. With the revival of Ankara by the Obasanjo administration Nigerians have found ways to introduce the fabric to the international fashion scene. Designers such as Lisa Folawiyo and Ituen Basi have set themselves apart on the international fashion runways by the way they have manged to artfully and beautifully present the so-called “African Print”.

Away from the runway, Nigerians remain stylish. Every party in Nigeria is like a battle for the best-dressed. and no where is this battle fiercer than amongst young people on university campuses.

Our music

Yes we like to copy, but when Nigerians put their mind to it they can copy so well they create a new genre- Hello, Afro Hip-Hop!

Before our Tuface, Dbanj, PSquare and MI became recognized internationally, we had our Fela, King Sunny Ade and Majek Fashek. We still have Femi and we get good props for Asa.

We are known for our indigenous juju, fuji, highlife and afrobeat.

We also love to claim Sade, Seal, Keziah Jones and Nneka- more like Nneka loves to claim us (if you catch my drift… lol).

Our mindset

We are naturally optimistic people. Also, wherever we go we stand out for our self-confidence, our intelligence, our industrious spirit, our never-say die attitude. Nigerians no dey carry last (okay that’s not strictly true when you consider our sporting records amongst others. Still we like to make mouth.)

What else are you proud of as a Nigerian?

Happy Independence Day Celebrations!!!

  1. Femi says:

    No Soccer????

  2. isha says:

    The day one of my white American professors was teaching another person that ‘the best way to eat iyan and egusi is with your fingers’, I knew there was more to Nigerian food than meets the eye.

    I love my country sha. And I am pleased that unlike everyone who’s country-bashing, and abusing those who are celebrating the 50th Independence Anniversary, you have picked out the good. Well done.

    Happy Independence Day!

  3. Biggest. Pearl says:

    You can’t talk of all the above wifout mentioning our flows… Men! We de yan!
    Music come from d street, and mean street language… You knw …’paro lo’, ja da nu… Even if we bad mouth our movie industry, not our comedies… Abeg… Abeg… Abeg… We get flows!… Lol