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"Abeg naa"- Derenle seeems to be saying here...


"Oya manage this kiss"


While looking at this picture and others circulating the internet right now, ponder these facts:

*Charly Boy has always styled himself as Nigeria’s chief agent provocateur.

*While still PMAN President Mr. Charly Boy had nude pictures of himself published in some tabloids: no full frontal, but we got the idea anyway.

*With his signature crazy hairstyles and punk rocker clothings, Derenle has chosen to style himselfas  the “weird child” of entertainment. He is different, we know that.

*Derenle has also had deny several insinuations over his sexuality. (Like its anyone’s business anyway which team he plays for! Although taking pictures like these and publishing it for everyone to see sort of makes it our business now.)


The irony of these pictures would be lost on many people, even fewer would consider it a joke. There may or may not be backlash or consequences. But in the final act, did we really  need to see highly-suggestive pictures of Charly Boy and Denrele together. How is that supposed to help our day?

Kanye West screened  a forty minute movie written, directed and staring him for journalists, friends and industry insiders in Hollywood on Monday.  The movie titled Runaway is set to usher in his fifth studio album which will drop before the end of this year. Runaway  would be premiered simultaneously on most MTVand BET on Saturday (23rd October).

Poster for the single "Runaway" that Kanye West performed at the VMAs 2010.

Following the screening, Kanye West took umbrage at what he deemed as a condescending review by a Los Angeles Times reporter on their website. He wasted no time in making his feelings felt onhis latest sounding board Twitter. Apart from the tone of the review, the writer had also dared to get the title of the forthcoming album wrong, calling it My Dark Twisted Fantasy instead of  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. According to Kanye this gross fault “diminished the image of the Los Angeles Times.”

The necessary corrections were soon effected with a SORRY to @kanyewest. All most have  been well received because Kanye has since take down his “discontent”.

Tyra Banks sued

Tyra Banks

A mother of a teenage girl who was invited to Tyra Banks show to talk about dealing with sex addiction is now sueing the super model. According to the woman, her daughter was contacted by the show after she responded to the show’s online request for guests, picked up in a limo, flown to New York City, put up in a hotel and taped in an episode of the show about sex addicts — all without her mother’s permission.

The woman whose name is Beverly Clendon is now suing Tyra’s show and Warner Bros TV group to the tune of $3 mil for damages.

Next time Tyra get permission, right?

Justin Bieber raps

Or speaks in tongues. Justin Bieber posted a less-than two minutes video in which he raps on his Twitter. The song is titled Speaking in Tongues and Justin is represented as Shawty Man, his alter ego.

The song is not that bad. Actually, it’s cool. And according to the Babay crooner, he just did the “skit?” to show off his skills inthe rap game.

So what do you think?

Beyonce’s shorts

Posted: August 29, 2010 in 2 the X-treme, Aside

Beyonce gets called out for wearing “ankara” shorts on the beach.

Lovely colours on the shorts but have to agree, the tops ain't werking!

Omg! referred to her entire ensemble as garish. Ok, I don’t know about the top but I like the shorts and I think just because you do not understand someone’s sense of fashion does not mean you should condemn it (goes with every other ideology in life).

Ok, I concede. I have to agree with omg! the combo is garish!

But for the shorts alone- me say, I likey and would like to know the designer. Hopefully, it would be some African designer we can all be proud of.

Goldie vs Omawunmi

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Aside

Rumour had it that Goldie’s song, You Know It,  which featured Eldee and had the memorable line, “Mo le gb’oko lowo” was directed at Omawunmi but yesterday at a press conference held by MTV Base on the MAMAs, the two denied the rumours vehemently.

They posed for pictures together and even sat down for a tete a tete long after most vistors to the conference had left.

MTV Base’s MAMAs would hold in Lagos on the 11th of December this year.

One word: Who starts these rumours?

Another word: Was it really a rumour?

Joke Silva gets her “vex” on

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Aside, Off-beat

Yesterday’s episode of Project Fame was explosive- and not musically speaking! It seemed like for once the judges and faculty couldn’t hide their irritation at each other.

Joke Silva and Asa during the latter's visit to Project Fame

Joke Silva dropping the “Ms. Benevolent” act went all ghetto on the judges, rolling her eyes and stopping shot of snapping her fingers.

“Excuse me, but why are the judges so defensive?” she asked and Kwame replied in a mincing tone, “Excuse me, but why is the faculty suddenly acting like cheerleaders?”

(Or statements close that.)

Lagba with Judges: Kwame, Bibi, Nomoreloss and TY-Mix

Even when Nomoreless tried to step in to clear whatever misconception that the faculty was getting from the judges critique of the contestants, Ms. Silva would not let go!

“We made the excuses, thank you,” she said nastily, getting the last word in.

The bone of contention was the performance of Christian, one of the contestants from Ghana. According to the judges, his rendition of the Bob Dylan song, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, although rendered in a lovely singing voice, lost all meaning due to Christian’s usual theatrics.

“It’s a mature man’s song,” Kwame said adding that there was only one way to sing it at which Joke Silva countered coldly, “There is no one way of doing anything!”

Really, for all the tension (or excitement as the producers would like to call it) that it caused, one would have rather that the judges and faculty relegated their cat-fights to the dressing room.

Wande or not Wande (Photo:

Read full article here.

It’s a stub but someone was pained enough to update it (or create one) to include this afternoon’s unnecessary ef-up in Nigeria’s game against Greece.

The game had some firsts:

*Greece first World Cup win thanks to Nigeria
*First Nigerian to be sent off with red card in World Cup
* First of the tournament’s goals from a free-kick (Nigeria). Sadly, this last is no longer important or celebratory.

Everyone is going to blame Kaita for Super Eagles almost predictable finish at the ongoing 2010 FIFA World Cup.

He also made the headline on Yahoo news where his red card was marked as the silliest in the World Cup. It even beat Zidane’s headbutt.

He even got on Youtube that fast. Talk about quick road to fame… or infamy.

Update: Lego immortalises Kaita. The guy is getting more (in)famous.

Pic of the Week

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Aside, Yummy Mummy

Get a load of YUMMY MUMMY Seun Oratokhai, COO Fruition Image Consultants, VI.

Last Celebrity Standing

At the closing and prize presentation ceremony where we were reunited with all contestants it was Daddy Showkey’s statement that best described Emeka Ike’s win.  “Dis man na cunny man,” Showkey declared.

Emeka Ike, the quintessential opportunist sat back and allowed Darey do the brain work, Showkey the grunt work while he lazily “waddled” in to scoop the prize from where others have dug.

Of course no one believed the Ultimate Celebrity man when he declared after he was given the ceremonial cheque, “It’s not about the money.”

Yeah, right!

…with Darey Art Alade

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