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"Abeg naa"- Derenle seeems to be saying here...


"Oya manage this kiss"


While looking at this picture and others circulating the internet right now, ponder these facts:

*Charly Boy has always styled himself as Nigeria’s chief agent provocateur.

*While still PMAN President Mr. Charly Boy had nude pictures of himself published in some tabloids: no full frontal, but we got the idea anyway.

*With his signature crazy hairstyles and punk rocker clothings, Derenle has chosen to style himselfas  the “weird child” of entertainment. He is different, we know that.

*Derenle has also had deny several insinuations over his sexuality. (Like its anyone’s business anyway which team he plays for! Although taking pictures like these and publishing it for everyone to see sort of makes it our business now.)


The irony of these pictures would be lost on many people, even fewer would consider it a joke. There may or may not be backlash or consequences. But in the final act, did we really  need to see highly-suggestive pictures of Charly Boy and Denrele together. How is that supposed to help our day?

Beyonce’s shorts

Posted: August 29, 2010 in 2 the X-treme, Aside

Beyonce gets called out for wearing “ankara” shorts on the beach.

Lovely colours on the shorts but have to agree, the tops ain't werking!

Omg! referred to her entire ensemble as garish. Ok, I don’t know about the top but I like the shorts and I think just because you do not understand someone’s sense of fashion does not mean you should condemn it (goes with every other ideology in life).

Ok, I concede. I have to agree with omg! the combo is garish!

But for the shorts alone- me say, I likey and would like to know the designer. Hopefully, it would be some African designer we can all be proud of.

Wande or not Wande (Photo:

Read full article here.

The Golden One

A friend once recounted to me a concert audience (of which was a part) reaction’s to songstress, Goldie. “When she first came on stage, we were like who is this one? Her clothes, her dancers… Then when she started singing people were booing her, telling her to get off the stage.”

But the artiste refused, insisting instead on doing her thing. She was set to perform three songs and after the first one, the crowd had had enough. “Go! Thank you!” they called out but Goldie, the performer was not listening. In her husky voice she kept urging her audience to listen to her and endure her performance, “You will love this one,” she said after the first two songs determined to drown out their displeasure and gain their appreciation. Eventually, after the third song, it was with relief that the concert attendees watched her cede the stage to next performer.

” Haba! Thank you, e don do! ” my friend reiterated her sentiments at the concert and almost with the same passion as then.

Like most performers, Goldie is many things to many people. Some love her and some hate her- absolutely. Whether she has real singing talent is debatable but her entire entertainment style especially fashion-wise gets a lot of tongues wagging and most times in displeasure.

Golden lashes.

Her over-the-top (literally!) costumes, her overly long lashes, her cruel pout… all serve as fodder for hate and rather than promote have served to undermine her credibility as a “professional” artiste.

Performance artistes are not rare in the music industry. The greatest of them all is Michael Jackson who is known not only for his beautiful voice and fantastic dance moves but also his weird antics off-stage and outside the studio earning him the nickname “Wacko Jacko”. Madonna is also known for going beyond the music; Fela, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and to a lesser extent Rhianna and Kanye West.

These are singers who have defined themselves and chosen to relate to their audience not through their music alone but also their sense of style and lifestyle.

Lady Gaga is the most prominent of them all these days. Her costumes get the paparazzi clicking away and even mainstream media prattling in “other news”. Some say she is “redefining”  entertainment.

But before there was Lady Gaga, at least in the Nigerian consciousness, there was Goldie. In her personal style, Goldie has chosen to go all Western on her Nigerian audience. Her bustier recall Madonna, her fishnet stockings and recently, her golden get-up in her latest video (the one for her song “You Know It” featuring eLDee) Beyonce. In a self-proclaimed conservative society like ours this does not seem to be working well on her behalf and have earned her more criticism than praise.

When Christina Aguilera first appeared in her chaps, lacy brief and bikin top outfit, the public was first baffled then disappointed. That Aguilera has talent is undeniable. She has often been touted as the best singing voice of her generation but here she was resorting to a gimmick that was best left for people with no real talent whatsoever (like Britney Spears?). Rare, then, was the artiste especially female who would display “another side of her” in order to sell her records. You either had it or you didn’t.

Unfortunately, this gimmick is now being embraced by everyone, both the talented and not-so-talented. In spite of this, that self-promotion is still associated with the no-real-talent-to-talk-about is seen in debates on Gaga’s ability to really carry a tune and Rhianna’s nasal alto.

The debate is also on for Goldie. There are some who appreciate her for her videos, an unfortuante instrument which has seen the breaking of real talents and the making of those who really should have nothing to do with a microphone. These days of music channels on TV and cable have seen a song’s commercialization being  dependent on how good the video is. And to the chagrin of Goldie’s critics, this is were the gaudy one excels.

She has been called the “richest female artiste” in the industry and a lot said of her ability to sponsor herself. “Goldie will spend her money on anything,” I once heard someone say.

Album sales for even the best musicians in Nigeria is questionable and with a debated artiste like Goldie, the question is even more pronounced. “Who buys a Goldie album or even listen to her songs?”

But love her or hate her, this lady is determined to remain center-stage. And if she has the rumoured money to do so then too-bad for those who hate her. Because poor album sales or not her “wealth” gives her an advantage over those who poorly-accepted artistes with their passion for entertainment who are not financially-able to make it beyond one song.

Judging from all this, it is clear that music- rather entertainment- is something Goldie loves and is determined to excel at. She has even relaunched herself with a more toned-down but no less gaudy image. More importantly, she has just signed onto Kennis Music so fans and haters alike should expect more albums. Her latest one is set for release in September. (Read Goldie’s X2 interview)

Still, it remains to see how long her performance will last before she gets the appreciation she craves and needs to remain relevant in her chosen profession. Will she earn this by an insistence to remain on stage despite the boos or will the audience clamour finally get to her, forcing her to take a reluctant bow? This is a questiononly the future  can answer.

Onyinye Muomah

It as has been said (by me) that too much “celebrity” too early saps your youth.  Here are some starlets who seem to be living out this adage.

I am way older than Lindsay but I bet you since she turned  twenty she has gotten only the opposite of the kind of compliments I get like, “Oh Onyi! You look so much younger than your age.” ; )

Check out this video from Funny or Die (Will Ferrel’s comedy site). To put it mildly, she looked forty. Anyway this was just after her infamous breakup with Sam Ronson so maybe the strain and all that got to her and literally stole years from her.

I am way much older than Lindsay, but I bet you since she turned  twenty, she has gotten only the opposite of the kind of compliments I get like, "Oh Onyi! You look so much younger than your age."

What was Miley thinking with the whole get-up? Ok, I am not against people wanting to grow-up and shed the child-star image but at least let it be at a certain pace! Miley here looks like Madonna in her fifties! If you are going to look way over your age pick your get-up well.  And they complain when their career ends way too soon. And why not when at twenty you start to look like you need the kind of anti-ageing treatment Meryl Streep uses.

In Beyonce’s case. it is an issue of Is she? or Isn’t she? I was in my teens when Beyonce first stepped out with Destiny’s Child and even back then it was hard to believe that she was 17. Now Beyonce is 29 and relating that age withthe face, still takes some doing. Ask me to guess her age and I would say 35 or at least 32. What’s with the football age, Beyonce? A few more years won’t decrease your celebrity shelf life!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are both 24. Except for Ashley on the left, you might as well doubt that when you see Mary-Kate. And BTW, what’s with the pursed lips… ALL THE TIME. It’s like a Beckham (Victoria) with the not-so-sexy pout.

Seems like the recommended age for botox has plunged…

Onyinye Muomah

It is the first World Cup on African soil and one would have thought that for the opening ceremony at least, all or most of the featured artists would be from Africa. The opening ceremony was one huge concert featuring music stars from the US alongside K’naan, Hugh Masakela, Angelique Kidjo and other African artistes but non from Nigeria.

It pained me seriously that they didn’t allow our Naija represent. Here are videos of some of the best performances (my choice).

For a theme song this was too cool. Who can remember these guys who sang the original (below)?
Loved Shakira’s gorilla hop.

I loved the next one for three reasons: Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Lira’s dress and the time she had to pull it up. (Okay, that’s four! ; ) ) I wonder why she dey fear? Is she not South African? They have the most famous breasts in the world!

K’naan waves his flag. Still loved the video even if looked lost waving a Brazillian flag.

For more World Cup videos, visit Vevo’s World Cup Channel on Youtube.

Onyinye Muomah

Meet Wanluv

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Wanluv is a Ghanian musician in Nigeria to promote his movie, a musical called Cos of Money. His Dad is Ghanian and is Mom Roumanian.






Wanluv goes around in skirts because he finds them comfortable. They are also easier manage when nature calls.





As a kid, he loved going barefoot to the chagrin of his dad. He stopped completely wearing shoes in 2007.





Sure he gets a lot of odd looks when he goes out on the street and even when he visited NEXT but he's used to them. He says his whole personality is all part of being a rebel.




So now you’ve met Wanluv. Read full article on Wanluv.

The Late Chief Executive Omoita

“If I die, make you no cry for me
E nje simi
Ejo keje nmi”

When a music celebrity dies, it is inevitable that his/her colleagues in the industry take out time from their busy schedules to record a song that expresses their loss.

Tupac got one, Biggie, Aliyah and now Dagrin is getting one… or more.

It seems like everyone contrary to the late star’s wishes wants to “cry for” Dagrin. From the Naija All Stars- My Pain (video directed by DJ Tee), to MI’s End of Time. Sound Sultan also has a triubute song out called Rewind Time and those are just the musicians we know.

Just go on Youtube and type out “DaGrin Tribute Song” or search terms to that effect and a whole list jumps out at you featuring from the known to the unknown, actual videos to slapped-up “videos” that comprise of  pictures of the late artist flashing by to the tune of a dirge fleshed out by a fan or colleague.

I tried to find tribute songs written for other fallen Nigerian musicians and apart from the remake of Osita Osadebe’s song Osondi Owendi by M.C. Loph feat. Flavour which although Loph dedicates it to Osadebe has nothing tributery in it, it seems like Dagrin gets the cake for the most publicly mourned Nigerian artist via songs. Even Fela did not get a tribute song, talkless of songs.

And the guy specifically said “make you no cry for me.”

Youth is fleeting, so goes the saying. There are some who would love to cling to it for ever but to have it cut short so abruptly when one is yet to get the full experience of it enough to appreciate it- sorry, DaGrin if the tears won’t just stop flowing.

Here are some DaGrin Tribute you might never get to see on TV or hear on radio. For an overdose, visit Youtube.

Oh and here is one you would really love titled “Dancing to Kondo in memory of DaGrin”. What better way to “honour” the dudu, uhn?

Onyinye Muomah

What: The Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVAs)

When: Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where: Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos

Who: Well! That’s the issue – Lot’s of celebs turned up; almost all badly dressed! Feast your eyes

Photos by Hyacinth Iyeorosa

The usually impeccably dressed Baba Dee decided to show up in this disheartening outfit…

Baba D (2)


Obviously, we’re beginning with the milder offences…

Alabai (3)

Mixing brown shades with black is tricky. You seriously have to consider texture etc. Alabai didn't consider a thing, as his white bow tie proves


Sound Sultan's outfit was depressing. He's usually cuts quite the figure. This was just lazy


This is borderline...Not sure about that patch of white at Andre Blaze's navel

This is how to do it!

Deji Falope (2)

TV show host Deji Falope looks very grown up here. It might be because he's got a haircut...or maybe he just got it right with the clothes!!!


Inyanya keys into Geek Chic and is working it. Wish he would leave his jacket unbuttoned though

Traditional clothes were also rocked on the red carpet – although some people looked more like they were rolled into and then unfurled with the carpet…Like Black Solo here, who is being interviewed by a shiny mermaid…

Black Solo

...although he might have been stuck in traffic for a while...Steam anyone?


I don't know what this Diamondz girl thought she was doing, showing up in this outfit



So much red detail, Freewindz


Mr. Kool here looks like he's wearing a dress over trousers...and is hitching up his panties

This is how to do it!


Speaking of dresses over trousers…


Kenny St. Brown's outfit defies basic dress sense

Aziza (3)

I can see the dress' underslip. Not working

The best way to wear a dress over trousers, is don’t. Leave it to people who can pull it off, like hippies.

Be Cool, Accessorize

Yeah, I know that doesn’t rhyme…anyway, any fashionista worth her (fake or otherwise) Guccis knows that accessories make or breeak the outfit.  This is probably what Da Blingz (we don’t know what her occupation is yet) was thinking when she got dressed that evening…

D-Blicks (5)

Take a look at that!

DA BLINGZ: Your nails are kinda long bros

DATE: Whaa!

DA BLINGZ: Honestly, the least you could have done was get extensions. Can’t you see that I have nothing natural on me and look so cool these paparazzi want my pictures?

DATE: Whaa!

DA BLINGZ: Is that all you can say?

DATE: Woman, seriously what do you want? I’m trying to look as scary as you. I have a career too, you know, in whatever it is we do. WHAA!

D-Blicks (8)

Let's look at the full length version...seems Halloween came late



Daisy's cross is distracting and takes away from the outfit, which is simple and elegant. Plus she could do with more makeup and maybe lose that black resin bracelet


The (Almost) Good, The Not Better and The Polyester

This Is How To Do It!


Keep it simple. Colours don't have to match. And black tights are waaaay cute!


Two thumbs up!

We couldn’t understand when we first saw this…


But when we saw THAT…


...we got the message

Check out Mumma Gee’s ‘ I am Sasha Fierce’ Face…

Muma G

Or maybe she was coming for Mona Lisa Chinda


"Ooh, li'l ole me!Why?" <simper> <simper>

Still on the subject of (potential) (fashion) victims, let’s take a look at some folk who Tried Too Hard:


When your makeup is trowelled on, then we have a problem.



Well, technically this isn't the red carpet, but this pair always try T.W.O Hard. (Note his do-rag) I suppose it's a case of the family that dresses badly together stays together


This guy's name is Igwe Gabosky. What else do you want to know?

The Colour Red

Abisoye Fagade (3)Let’s check out the close up!

Abisoye Fagade (3) - Copy

Sort of reminds of of that episode on Prison Break when Schofield's foot is brutalised by Abbruzzi's shears. I know, gross! Sorry


Hey guys, Zaaki's torch is smaller!

Laide Bakare (5)

Yoruba film actress Laide Bakare's dress is well, not so nice on her. The matching red eyebrows and that gold (?) tooth are just too Pirates of the Caribbean (especially with the greasy curly hair)

Laide Bakare (10)

The back isn't doing girlfriend any favours either


Lara George and her hubby do red right

Compare & Contrast


What went wrong Basketmouth? Are you pulling a Sauce Kid on us with shoes and socks that have no business with your clothes? Why baby, why?


Djinee overkillin' the look onstage...showing 'em how do do it!

LC ( Artist ) (3)

LC's dress, for the most part, is nice; the cut-outs though, remind me of Frank Nero's hat...


Body lawson (2)

Body Lawson could teach a few lessons in style...

Silverman ( musician )

... we certainly hope Silverman is taking notes

Both of these could go either way:

Elvis Chucks (2)

This is Elvis Chuks

Jimmy Flames (5)

This is Jimmy Flames


Of course, we're comparing hosts - Kwame looks a'ight, Bariya, not so hot. Should probably have unbuttoned that jacket and lost the hat. I feel like she's about to burst into a Janet Jackson-meets-Britney Spears dance routine


Note how cool and suave Celestine Babayaro looks after presenting Kefee her award (What's going on with her dress though?)


As compared with his annoying brother Emmanuel Babayaro who is now a rapper…


I'm not sure if Emma is clutching onto Wande Coal for dear life, or if he's about to knee him in the groin

Other Magical Moments at the NMVAs


I would be angry too if I showed up at an event in a too tight jumpsuit that has turn-ups. Turn-ups!


I love this guy Jay-1. He's the only winner who showed any emotion. This must be his first - I'm certain 'cos this is the first time I'm hearing about him


Then he made a, no doubt, impassioned speech with not a couple of, obviously bitter, onlookers

I love the next two photos: (Yes, it’s still Jay-1)



Bracket thought it might rain on the red carpet


"I'm a birdie !"


This lady is just the coolest person I've seen manning a camera!

Shedi Baba

If you think you recognise Shedi Baba's jacket, you do - he loves it! And that belt -


Fashion Throwback: Hennessey Artistry, this past September


Grow A Moustache!

Posted: November 1, 2009 in 2 the X-treme, Blog party

Michaela Moye

Hey guys! So it’s November, the official month when men grow moustaches for the sake of their…ahem…privates (so say the goodfellas of Anyway, X2 figured this would be a fun chance to show off Iconic Moustaches. So here goes:


Daniel Day-Lewis played a psycho in 'Gangs of New York' and sported this massive 'tache (PHOTO


Here's DDL again! This time form the awesome movie 'There Will Be Blood' (PHOTO Francois Duhamel/


Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock band Queen, was born to sing! And to rock cool moustaches (PHOTO


Hamish Bowles, one of the most fashionable gentlemen, according to Vogue, rocks one of these. I wonder if he twirls it while contemplating on the great debate of flats versus heels (PHOTO Patrick McCullan/


No, Mr. Bowles hasn't gained weight. That's Bond, James Bond (not in disguise). Is Daniel Craig distancing himself from his 007 image?(PHOTO


This mass-murderer's moustache is probably the world's most recognizable...but only just... (PHOTO


...after we have good ole Charlie Chaplin! (PHOTO


Love this photo! Former president Obasanjo in 1989. (PHOTO Orlando Pacheco/


This image is ingrained in the collective memory of all Nigerians who know what one naira looks like (PHOTO


Frida Kahlo always exxagerated her moustache in her self-portraits (PHOTO


MJ tried to grow some facial hair - not very successfully (PHOTO


Couldn't resist. (PHOTO


Q: What would Yanni be without his thick moustache? A: Cold (Yuk yuk! Just made that up!) (PHOTO


Of course Mario is on this list (PHOTO


Too cute! (PHOTO


Badamsinh Juwansinh Gujar has the longest moustache in the world - it hasn't been shaved in 22 YEARS! (PHOTO

November – official month for testicular and pancreatic cancer awareness