Top Five “Nigeria” songs/Happy Indepence Day celebrations

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Feature story

In celebration of October Ist, we present you with top 5 songs (and two other worthy of mention) dedicated to our beloved country by patriotic musicians over the years.

No 1: Nigeria Go Survive

This song came with a lovely video that featured and popularised Andrew (Enebeli Elebuwa) and also the phrase, “I am checking out”. It was sang by Veno Marioghae and was released on LP from Tabansi Records in 1984.

At some point it became a sort of rallying call for patriotism to our fatherland in spite of its many problems (our leaders being chief among them).

If them chop the oil o!
Even if them drink the oil o!

Did someone say, “Evergreen”?

No 2: Nigeria, my beloved country

Now this was the classic October 1st song.  Every Independence day in during the nineties, TV stations would overplay this song. It was sang by a choir of kids led by Funmi Adams. In the video the kids all wore gloves and performed a choreography that portrayed their love for “my beloved country”. Watching them we would,dance and sing along and imagine ourselves truly in love with Nigeria.

A question though, “Where is Funmi Adams these days?

Nigeria Yi Ti Gbo Gbo Wa Ni

This was Nigeria’s own “We are the world”. Filled with a lot of music stars from diverse genres, the video of the song was always something to watch.There was the rich baritone of Orlando Owo, Charlie Boy contributed some lines in Igbo and there was Alarm Blow (one of Charlie Boy’s proteges) who came into the dance arena where KSA sat enthroned with three women dressed in traditional Bini garb. (In my child mind eye and for some weird reason, I actually thought those women were Sunny Ade’s wives.)

King Sunny Ade brought together “everybody” that was “somebody” in the music industry at that time. The various blends of voices and indeginous languages made the song truly rich and almost totally Nigerian (not all the languages were represented for obvious reasons. imagine listening to a song sang in over 250 languages on one recording. We probably would still be listening to it today).

Which way Nigeria?

Which Way Nigeria

This song is saaaad! Each time I heard it then I would be moved to tears and not just because Sunny Okosun sang it in a really teary voice. The video was filled with hungry little children and frustrated-looking adults…

The saddest thing about this song is that it still reflects the conditions in the country today.

Many years after Independence we still find it hard to start
How long shall we be patient before we reach the promised land
Let’s save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t die

Which way Nigeria?
Which way to go?
I love my fatherland I want to know
Which way Nigeria is heading to.

Let’s save Nigeria

Actually this was the first “We are the Worldish” song. It featured a group of musicians that arranged thenselves like the We Are The World “choir”. I was at that stage just between baby and toddler when the song was released so I can barely remember the faces in the video and the actual musicians. If you have some idea please supply some more info

The song had this sweet melody and the chorus went something like this:

Let’s save Nigeria
Let’s save Africa
Let’s save our (nation)
And live in harmony

(Update: on this song, see Comb and Razor’s comment.)


Okay, the title of this song does not have Nigeria in it but remember the first line in JJC/Mr. Skillz’s rap: Nigeria is the best land. GBAO!
“Nuff said!

Okay not enough. The song also featured the National Anthem sang in a rather cheesy way. Not gbao at all. SMH.

Me I like my country

Okay, this one too is a way off. It was not a real “song” but a very popular jingle whichwas aimed at mobilising the populace towards a strong sense of patriotism and was sponsored by MAMSER. Remember MAMSER? I bet you have forgotten what it stands for, acronym and iseology-wise. Click on this link to refresh your memory.

Anyway the MAMSER song was so popular it inspired some very clever remixes like this one:

Me I like Ewedu
I like am pass egusi
Okro soup e dey for my stomach
Make we join hands to make ogbono better

Do you know of any other “Nigeria” song? Please add to the list via your comments.

PS: Notice how there seems to be a scarcity of songs dedicated totally to our conuntry from this generation of musicians? If I am wrong tell me by pointing out one.

Onyinye Muomah

  1. Comb & Razor says:

    “Let’s Save Nigeria” was not really a “We Are The World”-style all-star song… It was actually by an artist named Kingsley Bucknor, who performed it with a choir.

    Some other songs to consider:

    “Welcome to New Nigeria” – Okonkwo Adigwe & his Band
    “Nigeria’s Gonna Make It” – Oby Onyioha
    “Save Nigeria Today” – Princess Bumy Olajubu
    “Make a New Nigeria” – Nelly Uchendu
    “Her Name is Nigeria” – Theadora Ifudu
    “Limited Liability Company” – Wole Soyinka with Tunde Oyelana & the Benders (“Me I love my country/I no go lie/Na inside am I go live and die…”)