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Beyonce’s shorts

Posted: August 29, 2010 in 2 the X-treme, Aside

Beyonce gets called out for wearing “ankara” shorts on the beach.

Lovely colours on the shorts but have to agree, the tops ain't werking!

Omg! referred to her entire ensemble as garish. Ok, I don’t know about the top but I like the shorts and I think just because you do not understand someone’s sense of fashion does not mean you should condemn it (goes with every other ideology in life).

Ok, I concede. I have to agree with omg! the combo is garish!

But for the shorts alone- me say, I likey and would like to know the designer. Hopefully, it would be some African designer we can all be proud of.

It as has been said (by me) that too much “celebrity” too early saps your youth.  Here are some starlets who seem to be living out this adage.

I am way older than Lindsay but I bet you since she turned  twenty she has gotten only the opposite of the kind of compliments I get like, “Oh Onyi! You look so much younger than your age.” ; )

Check out this video from Funny or Die (Will Ferrel’s comedy site). To put it mildly, she looked forty. Anyway this was just after her infamous breakup with Sam Ronson so maybe the strain and all that got to her and literally stole years from her.

I am way much older than Lindsay, but I bet you since she turned  twenty, she has gotten only the opposite of the kind of compliments I get like, "Oh Onyi! You look so much younger than your age."

What was Miley thinking with the whole get-up? Ok, I am not against people wanting to grow-up and shed the child-star image but at least let it be at a certain pace! Miley here looks like Madonna in her fifties! If you are going to look way over your age pick your get-up well.  And they complain when their career ends way too soon. And why not when at twenty you start to look like you need the kind of anti-ageing treatment Meryl Streep uses.

In Beyonce’s case. it is an issue of Is she? or Isn’t she? I was in my teens when Beyonce first stepped out with Destiny’s Child and even back then it was hard to believe that she was 17. Now Beyonce is 29 and relating that age withthe face, still takes some doing. Ask me to guess her age and I would say 35 or at least 32. What’s with the football age, Beyonce? A few more years won’t decrease your celebrity shelf life!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are both 24. Except for Ashley on the left, you might as well doubt that when you see Mary-Kate. And BTW, what’s with the pursed lips… ALL THE TIME. It’s like a Beckham (Victoria) with the not-so-sexy pout.

Seems like the recommended age for botox has plunged…

Onyinye Muomah