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Kanye West screened  a forty minute movie written, directed and staring him for journalists, friends and industry insiders in Hollywood on Monday.  The movie titled Runaway is set to usher in his fifth studio album which will drop before the end of this year. Runaway  would be premiered simultaneously on most MTVand BET on Saturday (23rd October).

Poster for the single "Runaway" that Kanye West performed at the VMAs 2010.

Following the screening, Kanye West took umbrage at what he deemed as a condescending review by a Los Angeles Times reporter on their website. He wasted no time in making his feelings felt onhis latest sounding board Twitter. Apart from the tone of the review, the writer had also dared to get the title of the forthcoming album wrong, calling it My Dark Twisted Fantasy instead of  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. According to Kanye this gross fault “diminished the image of the Los Angeles Times.”

The necessary corrections were soon effected with a SORRY to @kanyewest. All most have  been well received because Kanye has since take down his “discontent”.

Tyra Banks sued

Tyra Banks

A mother of a teenage girl who was invited to Tyra Banks show to talk about dealing with sex addiction is now sueing the super model. According to the woman, her daughter was contacted by the show after she responded to the show’s online request for guests, picked up in a limo, flown to New York City, put up in a hotel and taped in an episode of the show about sex addicts — all without her mother’s permission.

The woman whose name is Beverly Clendon is now suing Tyra’s show and Warner Bros TV group to the tune of $3 mil for damages.

Next time Tyra get permission, right?

Justin Bieber raps

Or speaks in tongues. Justin Bieber posted a less-than two minutes video in which he raps on his Twitter. The song is titled Speaking in Tongues and Justin is represented as Shawty Man, his alter ego.

The song is not that bad. Actually, it’s cool. And according to the Babay crooner, he just did the “skit?” to show off his skills inthe rap game.

So what do you think?

These are the videos that are getting/would be getting super airplay on your favorite music channel in the coming weeks.

Song: Be my man
Album: Beautiful Imperfection

Omawumi feat. Naeto C.
Song: Chocolata
Album: Wonder Woman

Fr3style feat. Brace
Song: Ariwo Ko
Album: My Name is Essien

Song: Toba Fejo
Album: [in the works]

And then on the foreign scene, we’ve got Willow Smith with the video for her song Whip My Hair. The 9 year old has tween heartthrob, Justin Bieber promoting her song on Twitter even as she has taken lots of flack for everything from her dress sense to her age and record label.

The little cutie looks so much like her big bro Jaden who featured in Bieber’s song Never say Never which was part of the soundtrack for Jaden’s movie Karate Kid


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