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When Uti won the grand prize on the fifth episode of  Big Brother Africa (tagged All Stars), he celebrated on stage by dancing “alanta” popular Nigerian dance style that involves beating an imaginary drum across your chest and abdomen. He was  joined by the host, Ik who is also Nigerian.

In celebration of Uti’s win (two times in a row Nigeria!), X2 is bringing you top 5 popular Nigerian dance styles of recent times.

(Read about Uti’s victory)

No. 5: Ijo Shina

Made popular by Afro Juju Maestro/founder (Oludasile…!!!) Sir Shina Peters, the dance involved moving your shoulders back and forth as you lower your body to the floor and come back up, shaking your body all the time to the heavy beats of the drum/bass. If you are a lady, you can add some chest (see: bust) wiggles to that.

It was considered a sexy dance depending on who was doing it.

No. 4: Fuji Garbage

“Especially for students who know how to dig it!”

This was the top dance of the eighties. It was made popular by Wasiu Ayinde Barister from his hit song of the same name.

You moved your arm from the elbow in a fluid snake-like motion with stiffened shoulder while the rest of your body jerked to the rythm of the music. You could add your own style to it by  going up and down, doing the  backslide, using one arm or both arms as you “just dance to (the) music.”

The lady below does it rather enthusiastically, more like a parody,still she’s got the general idea.

No. 3: Alanta

Made popular by the duo: Artquake.

With your hands, you tap an imaginary drum against your stomach, your chest or in the air to your side. Then, you raise one “leg up” at will all the while “forming attitude” with your mouth opened in a sneer or a “duuh”.

This dance has a series of variations depending on the individual dancer. You can move to the side in a shuffle (just like Uti did when he came out of the house), take a walk (like IK) or beat your “drum” to the ground.

No. 2: Yahoozee

This is the most popular Nigerian hip-hop dance style of this decade. Made popular by every hip-hop act in their video.

Yahoozee got its highest recognition when it was “danced” by former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell on satge with Olu Maintain and his Kentro crew.

It has variations but the basics still are: Stand with one foot in front of the other,  then raise arms up and away from you then down, always moving to the ryhthm or the beat.

Then finally No. 1: Galala (Garala)

This is actually an imported dance style from the West Indies, precisely Jamiaca dance hall. But Nigerians so owned this dance style. We put our special “thing” to it. The dance started in the mid-nineties and continued into the millenium holding its own againsts skonto and even swo.

It was popularized during the AJ take-over in the nineties when we artistes like Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh, Baba Fryo, Father U turn and later African China became very popular.

Daddy Showkey made it his signature style infusing his own theatrics to it.

You did the dance like this: Spread your legs. Bend at the waist. Push out your bottom so that you are almost bent in half. Then you move each foot forward and backward, one after the other.

Special mention: Swo!

Swo! was also very popular.  Made popular by the Danfo Drivers video of their song Danfo Driver. With Swo!, all you had to do is “tear am!”

Tells about your various dance styles. Create your own or rearrange this list!

Onyinye Muomah

After 29 years as a Fuji musician, ‘Orobokibo’ crooner, Abass Akande Adeniyi, a.k.a Obesere, will, in September,release a hip-hop album.

The singer, formerly a boxer, proved he was capable by featuring in debutant, Diamondz’s single, ‘Bosokoto.’

The album, which will be sold for N1000, will feature the likes of Timaya, Lord of Ajasa and 9ice. If this works out, he will be the first Fuji musician to make a full Hip-hop album.


UE (Upper Echelon) is a hip-hop act based in the States.  Their self-produced debut album Tragedy to Triumph which featured songs like Things are Changing and Look Alive earned them  2007 Underground Music Award (UMA) for Best Rap Duo and loads of rave reviews.

Their influnces range from hip-hop (Outkast, a Tribe Called Quest) to rock-n-roll (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd)

The duo, Tunde and Caliph, hope to break into the Nigerian/African market with the release of their sophomore album which is currently in the works. Their single Cuz I Say So features our own eLDee sounding damn right fly!

Connect with UE: Official website, Twitter, MySpace