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It’s a stub but someone was pained enough to update it (or create one) to include this afternoon’s unnecessary ef-up in Nigeria’s game against Greece.

The game had some firsts:

*Greece first World Cup win thanks to Nigeria
*First Nigerian to be sent off with red card in World Cup
* First of the tournament’s goals from a free-kick (Nigeria). Sadly, this last is no longer important or celebratory.

Everyone is going to blame Kaita for Super Eagles almost predictable finish at the ongoing 2010 FIFA World Cup.

He also made the headline on Yahoo news where his red card was marked as the silliest in the World Cup. It even beat Zidane’s headbutt.

He even got on Youtube that fast. Talk about quick road to fame… or infamy.

Update: Lego immortalises Kaita. The guy is getting more (in)famous.

It is the first World Cup on African soil and one would have thought that for the opening ceremony at least, all or most of the featured artists would be from Africa. The opening ceremony was one huge concert featuring music stars from the US alongside K’naan, Hugh Masakela, Angelique Kidjo and other African artistes but non from Nigeria.

It pained me seriously that they didn’t allow our Naija represent. Here are videos of some of the best performances (my choice).

For a theme song this was too cool. Who can remember these guys who sang the original (below)?
Loved Shakira’s gorilla hop.

I loved the next one for three reasons: Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Lira’s dress and the time she had to pull it up. (Okay, that’s four! ; ) ) I wonder why she dey fear? Is she not South African? They have the most famous breasts in the world!

K’naan waves his flag. Still loved the video even if looked lost waving a Brazillian flag.

For more World Cup videos, visit Vevo’s World Cup Channel on Youtube.

Onyinye Muomah