Charly Boy and Derenle kissing?!

Posted: October 21, 2010 in 2 the X-treme, Aside

"Abeg naa"- Derenle seeems to be saying here...


"Oya manage this kiss"


While looking at this picture and others circulating the internet right now, ponder these facts:

*Charly Boy has always styled himself as Nigeria’s chief agent provocateur.

*While still PMAN President Mr. Charly Boy had nude pictures of himself published in some tabloids: no full frontal, but we got the idea anyway.

*With his signature crazy hairstyles and punk rocker clothings, Derenle has chosen to style himselfas  the “weird child” of entertainment. He is different, we know that.

*Derenle has also had deny several insinuations over his sexuality. (Like its anyone’s business anyway which team he plays for! Although taking pictures like these and publishing it for everyone to see sort of makes it our business now.)


The irony of these pictures would be lost on many people, even fewer would consider it a joke. There may or may not be backlash or consequences. But in the final act, did we really  need to see highly-suggestive pictures of Charly Boy and Denrele together. How is that supposed to help our day?

  1. funmi says:

    Hehehehe,now who does dat ehn?only a boy as stupid as denrele n a man as messed up as charly boy.Guys,I understand d stunt,not a smart one.Denrele,u wil lose more dan ull gain,dis country’s not redi 4 such bad behaviour

  2. mary says:

    Charlyboy as usual craving for cheap publicity! I really think u should grow up and start acting like a man! Derenle is a victim of charlyboy scam! He is not gay, both of them aint. I feel really sorry 4 Derenle, u shouldn’t have trusted this idiot.