Our country

Forget the fact that Nigerians love to complain about their country and most times hardly find any thing good to say about  it . But if you are a foreigner and want to join in the” lets-rundown- Nigeria” talk, you better be pretty ready for a “who-put-your-mouth” retort. Only Nigerians are allowed to abuse Nigeria.

The fact that we dislike our leaders doesn’t mean that most of us (I need to add that) have totally given up on Nigeria. We only wish that living conditions within the country were better.

Our Food

For most Nigerians, there is no food like Nigerian food. Fullstop.

It has been said that most Nigerians find it very difficult to adapt to foreign cuisine hence the reason we always import our food along with our most able minds and limbs as we flee from the unbearable conditions “back home”. Meanwhile most foreigners can’t wait to taste our eba, fufu, okro soup etc.

Our sense of style

We Nigerians love to dress. We are some of the most fashionable people in Africa even if we say so ourselves. With the revival of Ankara by the Obasanjo administration Nigerians have found ways to introduce the fabric to the international fashion scene. Designers such as Lisa Folawiyo and Ituen Basi have set themselves apart on the international fashion runways by the way they have manged to artfully and beautifully present the so-called “African Print”.

Away from the runway, Nigerians remain stylish. Every party in Nigeria is like a battle for the best-dressed. and no where is this battle fiercer than amongst young people on university campuses.

Our music

Yes we like to copy, but when Nigerians put their mind to it they can copy so well they create a new genre- Hello, Afro Hip-Hop!

Before our Tuface, Dbanj, PSquare and MI became recognized internationally, we had our Fela, King Sunny Ade and Majek Fashek. We still have Femi and we get good props for Asa.

We are known for our indigenous juju, fuji, highlife and afrobeat.

We also love to claim Sade, Seal, Keziah Jones and Nneka- more like Nneka loves to claim us (if you catch my drift… lol).

Our mindset

We are naturally optimistic people. Also, wherever we go we stand out for our self-confidence, our intelligence, our industrious spirit, our never-say die attitude. Nigerians no dey carry last (okay that’s not strictly true when you consider our sporting records amongst others. Still we like to make mouth.)

What else are you proud of as a Nigerian?

Happy Independence Day Celebrations!!!


In celebration of October Ist, we present you with top 5 songs (and two other worthy of mention) dedicated to our beloved country by patriotic musicians over the years.

No 1: Nigeria Go Survive

This song came with a lovely video that featured and popularised Andrew (Enebeli Elebuwa) and also the phrase, “I am checking out”. It was sang by Veno Marioghae and was released on LP from Tabansi Records in 1984.

At some point it became a sort of rallying call for patriotism to our fatherland in spite of its many problems (our leaders being chief among them).

If them chop the oil o!
Even if them drink the oil o!

Did someone say, “Evergreen”?

No 2: Nigeria, my beloved country

Now this was the classic October 1st song.  Every Independence day in during the nineties, TV stations would overplay this song. It was sang by a choir of kids led by Funmi Adams. In the video the kids all wore gloves and performed a choreography that portrayed their love for “my beloved country”. Watching them we would,dance and sing along and imagine ourselves truly in love with Nigeria.

A question though, “Where is Funmi Adams these days?

Nigeria Yi Ti Gbo Gbo Wa Ni

This was Nigeria’s own “We are the world”. Filled with a lot of music stars from diverse genres, the video of the song was always something to watch.There was the rich baritone of Orlando Owo, Charlie Boy contributed some lines in Igbo and there was Alarm Blow (one of Charlie Boy’s proteges) who came into the dance arena where KSA sat enthroned with three women dressed in traditional Bini garb. (In my child mind eye and for some weird reason, I actually thought those women were Sunny Ade’s wives.)

King Sunny Ade brought together “everybody” that was “somebody” in the music industry at that time. The various blends of voices and indeginous languages made the song truly rich and almost totally Nigerian (not all the languages were represented for obvious reasons. imagine listening to a song sang in over 250 languages on one recording. We probably would still be listening to it today).

Which way Nigeria?

Which Way Nigeria

This song is saaaad! Each time I heard it then I would be moved to tears and not just because Sunny Okosun sang it in a really teary voice. The video was filled with hungry little children and frustrated-looking adults…

The saddest thing about this song is that it still reflects the conditions in the country today.

Many years after Independence we still find it hard to start
How long shall we be patient before we reach the promised land
Let’s save Nigeria so Nigeria won’t die

Which way Nigeria?
Which way to go?
I love my fatherland I want to know
Which way Nigeria is heading to.

Let’s save Nigeria

Actually this was the first “We are the Worldish” song. It featured a group of musicians that arranged thenselves like the We Are The World “choir”. I was at that stage just between baby and toddler when the song was released so I can barely remember the faces in the video and the actual musicians. If you have some idea please supply some more info

The song had this sweet melody and the chorus went something like this:

Let’s save Nigeria
Let’s save Africa
Let’s save our (nation)
And live in harmony

(Update: on this song, see Comb and Razor’s comment.)


Okay, the title of this song does not have Nigeria in it but remember the first line in JJC/Mr. Skillz’s rap: Nigeria is the best land. GBAO!
“Nuff said!

Okay not enough. The song also featured the National Anthem sang in a rather cheesy way. Not gbao at all. SMH.

Me I like my country

Okay, this one too is a way off. It was not a real “song” but a very popular jingle whichwas aimed at mobilising the populace towards a strong sense of patriotism and was sponsored by MAMSER. Remember MAMSER? I bet you have forgotten what it stands for, acronym and iseology-wise. Click on this link to refresh your memory.

Anyway the MAMSER song was so popular it inspired some very clever remixes like this one:

Me I like Ewedu
I like am pass egusi
Okro soup e dey for my stomach
Make we join hands to make ogbono better

Do you know of any other “Nigeria” song? Please add to the list via your comments.

PS: Notice how there seems to be a scarcity of songs dedicated totally to our conuntry from this generation of musicians? If I am wrong tell me by pointing out one.

Onyinye Muomah

Album cover for Beautiful Imperfections

Three years after her groundbreaking debut album, Asa is set to release her second work come October 25th. The album is titled Beautiful Imperfections and features 12 tracks listed below:

  1. Why Can’t We
    2. Maybe
    3. Be My Man
    4. Preacher Man
    5. Bimpé
    6. The Way I Feel
    7. OK OK
    8. Dreamer Girl
    9. Oré
    10. Baby Gone
    11. Broda Olé
    12. Questions

The pictures for the album cover were taken by awward-winning  French fashion photographer and music video director, Jean Baptiste Mondino. He is popular for shooting videos for Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Keziah Jones as well as Sting.

Ini Edo premieres movie

Ini Edo and Ramsey Nouah on the set of the movie, Memories of my Heart.

In her first ever stint as a producer, sultry actress, Ini Edo Ehigiwina will on 15 OCTOBER, 2010 premiere the movie Memories of My Heart.

The movie  stars Ramsey Nouah, Uche Jombo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Koffi Adjorlolo, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot and Ini Edo. The movie was co-produced by Emem Isong.

Edo calls the movie a love story and a feel-good movie “to make you fall in love again”.

Damilola Agbajor is crowned Miss Nigeria 2010

Damilola with Nike Oshinowo-Soleye (left).

6 years after last Miss Nigeria Ene Maya Lawani was crowned , a new queen has emerged. On Saturday, 25th September 2010, 19 Year Old Damilola Agbajor representing Delta State was chosen as Miss Nigeria 2010.

The finale was hosted by designer Ohimai Atafo of MAI and former Miss World Agbani Darego. It was a world class event with performances by Omolara, Naeto C, Bez and Banky W. Damilola was crowned by the MD of the Miss Nigeria Organization – Adenike Oshinowo-Soleye.

According to the Miss Nigeria Organization, “Miss Nigeria will be the ideal ‘Queen Ambassador’ for the Nation, essentially promoting the intrinsic worth of the Nation, hence our theme: One Nation, One people, One Queen”.
The Miss Nigeria goes home with:

  • Full Scholarship to be educated in an Institution of Higher Learning, anywhere in the world
  • Luxury Car
  • One year’s salary package of N3million naira
  • One year’s accommodation in Lagos Nigeria
  • Wardrobe for a year, from Nigerian designers

Omotola’s album launch

Omotola belting it out.

Screen godess/songstress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde recently launched her sophomore album, Me, Myself and Eyes at teh Eko Hotels and Suites, V.I.

The launch was attended by a host of dignitaries and celebrities such as former governor of Ogun state, Chief Olusegun Osoba and his wife, Florence Ita Giwa, Tuface Idibia, Dj Jimmy Jatt, Sasha, Ay and Ali Baba amongst others.

Beyonce’s shorts

Posted: August 29, 2010 in 2 the X-treme, Aside

Beyonce gets called out for wearing “ankara” shorts on the beach.

Lovely colours on the shorts but have to agree, the tops ain't werking!

Omg! referred to her entire ensemble as garish. Ok, I don’t know about the top but I like the shorts and I think just because you do not understand someone’s sense of fashion does not mean you should condemn it (goes with every other ideology in life).

Ok, I concede. I have to agree with omg! the combo is garish!

But for the shorts alone- me say, I likey and would like to know the designer. Hopefully, it would be some African designer we can all be proud of.

Goldie vs Omawunmi

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Aside

Rumour had it that Goldie’s song, You Know It,  which featured Eldee and had the memorable line, “Mo le gb’oko lowo” was directed at Omawunmi but yesterday at a press conference held by MTV Base on the MAMAs, the two denied the rumours vehemently.

They posed for pictures together and even sat down for a tete a tete long after most vistors to the conference had left.

MTV Base’s MAMAs would hold in Lagos on the 11th of December this year.

One word: Who starts these rumours?

Another word: Was it really a rumour?

Joke Silva gets her “vex” on

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Aside, Off-beat

Yesterday’s episode of Project Fame was explosive- and not musically speaking! It seemed like for once the judges and faculty couldn’t hide their irritation at each other.

Joke Silva and Asa during the latter's visit to Project Fame

Joke Silva dropping the “Ms. Benevolent” act went all ghetto on the judges, rolling her eyes and stopping shot of snapping her fingers.

“Excuse me, but why are the judges so defensive?” she asked and Kwame replied in a mincing tone, “Excuse me, but why is the faculty suddenly acting like cheerleaders?”

(Or statements close that.)

Lagba with Judges: Kwame, Bibi, Nomoreloss and TY-Mix

Even when Nomoreless tried to step in to clear whatever misconception that the faculty was getting from the judges critique of the contestants, Ms. Silva would not let go!

“We made the excuses, thank you,” she said nastily, getting the last word in.

The bone of contention was the performance of Christian, one of the contestants from Ghana. According to the judges, his rendition of the Bob Dylan song, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, although rendered in a lovely singing voice, lost all meaning due to Christian’s usual theatrics.

“It’s a mature man’s song,” Kwame said adding that there was only one way to sing it at which Joke Silva countered coldly, “There is no one way of doing anything!”

Really, for all the tension (or excitement as the producers would like to call it) that it caused, one would have rather that the judges and faculty relegated their cat-fights to the dressing room.

Free downloads

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Get these free downloads:

Fr3style : Ariwo Ko and Na wah oh!

Fr3stlye is back!



Lynxxx: Good Luvin (feat. Wiz Kid) and Change Ur Parade

Good Luvin cover



Mic On: Ye-Pa and Emafarawe (feat. Dagrin, Shawn, Cartiair)

Festac-based artiste/producer, Mic On.



It could be argued that Julius Agwu aka The Genius brought style to comedy. Undoubtedly one of the most stylish men in entertainment, Julius is our cover on the X2 page in today’s paper.

(Read: Music, comedy, and a man called ‘Genius’).

Here, we take a look at the fashion sense of the self-styled genius.

Julius always look good in suits. Like a true “fashionisto” is choices goes beyond the conventional. And he is not above pairing his suits or blazers with a t-shirt.

Speaking of T-shirts, Julius loves them too, preferring the ones with zany prints emblazoned on them and often pairing them with hats.

Special: One of his best outfits would be the yellow themed outfit he wore to the 2009 HHWA . The jacket on its own was exceptional.

* Click pix for full sizes.

** All pictures courtesy artist.

Onyinye Muomah

After 29 years as a Fuji musician, ‘Orobokibo’ crooner, Abass Akande Adeniyi, a.k.a Obesere, will, in September,release a hip-hop album.

The singer, formerly a boxer, proved he was capable by featuring in debutant, Diamondz’s single, ‘Bosokoto.’

The album, which will be sold for N1000, will feature the likes of Timaya, Lord of Ajasa and 9ice. If this works out, he will be the first Fuji musician to make a full Hip-hop album.

Mike Majic hitched

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Mike and the future Mrs. Majic

While Mike Majic isn’t one of the many ‘in your face’ celebrities, we got to know him when he anchored the first ever West Africa Idols in 2006. Many will remember that the competition served as a launch pad for the likes of Timi Dakolo (Winner),Omawumi Megbele, Eric Arubayi and of course, Mike Majic.

No doubt the show was captivating and addictive however, one incident which remains evergreen in the minds of its teeming viewers was when Mike proposed to his girlfriend of 10years, Liberian Malia Mayson, on air.

Mayson’s reaction wasn’t different from that of any girl offered a diamond ring by her Prince Charming as he pops the question. Its been 4 years already but the news is that come August 27 and 29  Mike and fiancee will finally exchange wedding vows in the future bride’s hometown in Monrovia.

According to netng.com Majic in a text message to close pals said  ‘It’s about that time I take my girl down the aisle. We’re opening a wedding registry at Mega Plaza, in case you’re not sure what gifts to get. But we’ll also accept good ol’ fashion CASH,’ he added jokingly.

Here’s wishing the couple a blissful union.

Jayne Usen