Joke Silva gets her “vex” on

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Aside, Off-beat

Yesterday’s episode of Project Fame was explosive- and not musically speaking! It seemed like for once the judges and faculty couldn’t hide their irritation at each other.

Joke Silva and Asa during the latter's visit to Project Fame

Joke Silva dropping the “Ms. Benevolent” act went all ghetto on the judges, rolling her eyes and stopping shot of snapping her fingers.

“Excuse me, but why are the judges so defensive?” she asked and Kwame replied in a mincing tone, “Excuse me, but why is the faculty suddenly acting like cheerleaders?”

(Or statements close that.)

Lagba with Judges: Kwame, Bibi, Nomoreloss and TY-Mix

Even when Nomoreless tried to step in to clear whatever misconception that the faculty was getting from the judges critique of the contestants, Ms. Silva would not let go!

“We made the excuses, thank you,” she said nastily, getting the last word in.

The bone of contention was the performance of Christian, one of the contestants from Ghana. According to the judges, his rendition of the Bob Dylan song, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, although rendered in a lovely singing voice, lost all meaning due to Christian’s usual theatrics.

“It’s a mature man’s song,” Kwame said adding that there was only one way to sing it at which Joke Silva countered coldly, “There is no one way of doing anything!”

Really, for all the tension (or excitement as the producers would like to call it) that it caused, one would have rather that the judges and faculty relegated their cat-fights to the dressing room.

  1. Afam says:

    Great show with all the intrigues.