Big BOYS of Entertainment

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Blog party, Celebrity profile

The big boys of Nigerian entertainment scene are exactly as stated BOYS. These are men in their late thirties to early forties and older who try all their best to be seen as youthful or evergreen through their out-dated  or outlandish fashion sense and mostly “age-inappropriate” behaviour. and who really should be thinking of remaining behind the scenes and leaving the stage for younger more charismatic folks. Seriously guys, you can be your age and still appeal to teenagers… you really don’t have to look, sound and act like one.


“Right here, right here.” The Kennis Music Boss has suddenly developed a penchant for appearing and giving cringe-worthy performance in music videos .


Please who wears a do-rag in this day and age? Apparently, Mr. Obe thinks this fashion piece is timeless just like TWO's mostly-tired act.

JAJ The Top Gun

Really can anyone tell us how old this dude is? With the looks to back it up and one of the silkiest voice on radio, JAJ may just be able to get away with being a BIG BOY except that we have been listening to him almost forever, from the eighties.

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