Posted: July 16, 2010 in X Marks the Spot

David and his personal Goliath (Photo: Lowla Adamson)

You are not yet a star  until you get one of this. Nope, I don’t man those dark glasses that for some inexplicable reason artistes wear at night. Neither am I talking about the BB. I am not even referring to the fine white suit. I mean that towering image in the middle of the picture.

Yup, that’s MI’s personal bodyguard.

Already no other emcee can mess with the dude onstage but now even offstage y’all better be careful how you approach the short black dude with a very big human shield. Or does that look like a casual pose to you?  I mean on the Bodyguard.

He looks cute though ( I am still talking about the Bodyguard) despite the mean look. I am sure he’s just some nice gentle giant. Well, there’s only one way to find out and I am not too keen on getting a broken wrist.

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