Raindrops falling from the sky…

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Xamination
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I am listening to Tuface’s song Raindrops from the album Unstoppable- The International Version.

Unlike in the song Enter the Place where he makes a mere reference to his “wayward” lifestyle and then in a boastful unrepentant way (“Enter the place make we see if you no go carry bele too…”), the entire Raindrop song is inspired by this period in his life.

It touches on regret, remorse and repentance. But while he regrets, it is not entirely as he sees the results of “mistakes” (his children) as a “blessing in disguise”.

In his usual uncannily blunt way, he dolts out advice to young men who may be tempted to follow in his footsteps and this is the funniest part of the song “Young man… be careful before you choose to… use your device…”

He blames the women then concedes that he wasn’t raped. He thanks those who counseled him when all seemed to be getting out of hand and accuses those who were only too happy to see him fall…

This is one of Tuface best work yet in terms of message, lyrics and rhythm. The accompanyiny music is inspired by his reggae roots and its one that blends so well with the theme of the song.

The rain has been pouring outside all morning as I sit here at my desk typing out these words and listening to the song for the umpteenth time but not merely because of the title. There is one hell of a heavenly music on this song!

Onyinye Muomah

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