Top 5 must-watch music videos

Posted: May 21, 2010 in CountDown, Xamination

From top to bottom, No. 5 to No. 1

D’Banj, Fall In Love

Well, the kiss didn’t ‘werk’ for me, but what the hell! The fact that there was one (between D’Banj and Genevieve to boot!) makes it a must watch.
D’Banj seriously needs a choreographer though.
Genevieve’s make-up was a little bit piled on making her unrecognisable @ 1:14. The friend’s more subtle look almost stole the shine from her.

Wande Coal ft K-switch, Na Who Born the Maga

The song sounds like and sends almost the same message has D’Banj’s If you dey crase.
Not-bad visual effects. Love the lions, wish they had been real though! The vault scene speaks of a very good imagination.
Thumbs up for choreography. Wande’s flip? Now that was something, not perfectly executed but something!

Djinee, Overkilling

Yeah, this one is a bit older than the rest. But you have to agree that Djinee overkilled!!!
The effects are to die for, literally. Love all the darkness, fire and explosions!!!
Loved especially all the “mean” looks!!!

9ice, No be Mistake

Hafiz Oyetoro seriously helped this video!!! Loved his dancing @ 3:37
Five stars for video quality.
9ice moves just went to prove that most Nigerian artists need personal choreographers. It’s one thing dancing for fun, totally different when its for a video.


P Square ft J. Martins, E No Easy

Now this is what a video should look like! Did we give No Be Mistake 5 stars for video quality? Well, that’s for regular Naija standards. This one gets 5 stars for international standards!!
Love the colours!!! Yellow, white and purple, black: it’s like a throwback to their Get Squared video.
The Limos!!! The Limo effects!!! Getting in one place, coming out at- let’s say- Asia.
The Michael Jackson jackets- now, that’s the P Square style!!! J. Martins cleaned up real good too!!!
The choreography was minimal but well done as usual!!!
There was an overdose of girls though but it’s all good, some people like such things 🙂

EnGees is inspired!!! And P Square, going places (like the BET Awards, for example!!!)

You can re-sort this list and also add your own favorite! Have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. Nonli says:

    nice post …but den tink u missed out some videos … maga no need pay … MI and sultanz track too

    Naija-World! Welcome to Nigeria