Celebrity Divorce, Nigerian style.

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Feature story, Off-beat, What's going on...

The story on our website (and Friday paper) starts like this:

The Toni Payne and 9ice divorce saga is apparently far from over. With rumours spreading that a mutual acquaintance of the couple, Ruggedman played a role in the break up, the tale takes a brand new twist.

Sounds familiar?

Flash back: Femi and Funke Kuti.

According to several soft sell magazines at that time, the breakup was caused by Funke’s affairs with “several men” including two celebrities , Eddie Remedy (now ex-hubby of Kenny St. Brown) and Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st. Some magazines even went as far as printing excerpts from text messages sent to Funke’s phone by some of her “boyfriends”.

Flashback II: Taribo and Atinuke West.

Fellow footballer Sunday Oliseh, was implicated in the break-up of the couple’s short-lived marriage.

And now, “the Toni Payne/9ice saga”.

Some of the wind that seems to be fanning the flames stems from 9ice’s song “Once bitten Twice Shy” from his latest album. Even though the couple did not give an actual reason for their breakup, there are some who believe the song is more or less a tell-all without names.

Toni Payne has denied the rumours that she is the person her ex-husband is referring to in the song even going as far to make a plea on her facebook status that the person who sang the song should please state precisely the persons he is singing about.

To make matters worse a face has been put on the so-called friend amidst more denials. The man with the unfortunate face Ruggedy Baba, like Toni Payne, is not taking the recent insinuations lying down. According to recent reports, there has been  a leak of a phone call he made to 9ice asking him to come out and stop the rumours.

So far the only one who does not seem bothered by the rabid rumours surrounding the  previously unceremonious breakup of his marriage is the man with two pockets.

Hey, every publicity is good publicity and if it helps album sales why put an end to a good thing, hein?

We understand you, Adigun but wethinks it’s about time you consider other reputations too and come out straight on the nodder and the noddee.  After all, if you could release official press-statement over your separation and divorce to avoid ill-rumours  (according to your publicist) you can also do same for the cause of both and for the same reason.

And if indeed the rumours are true, it would be sort of crass and cruel of 9ice to turn such a “private” matter into a hit song.

Advice to Payne: Rumours not-with-standing Funke Kuti went ahead to make a great life for herself post-Femi. You could do the same. Don’t dwell on what’s not true… if it’s not. Remember the phrase: Stick and Stones may break my bones…

As  for Ruggedman: Some were not even aware of the rumours till the recording of the call was made  public. So is this some pubilicity gimmick? Like your biff with Eedris…

Trust celebrities when they run out of ways to entertain us, they just throw out some dirty laundry and opt to do them in public. What some fail to remember is that sometimes dirty laundry gets blown away by the wind (by this we mean, self-peddled rumours soon get out of hand.)

If anybody (Tuface, for example) ever advised you on a good image, they probably told you (all of you)  that it can’t be bought. It is earned.  Please maintain it. No one ever really wants to know what they don’t need to know.

Give us some good old entertainment and keep your nasty sides to yourselves. This is Nigeria where bad publicity is bad publicity! Once again, ask Tuface.

Onyinye Muomah

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