Sartorial Murder on the Red Carpet

Posted: November 3, 2009 in 2 the X-treme

What: The Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVAs)

When: Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where: Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos

Who: Well! That’s the issue – Lot’s of celebs turned up; almost all badly dressed! Feast your eyes

Photos by Hyacinth Iyeorosa

The usually impeccably dressed Baba Dee decided to show up in this disheartening outfit…

Baba D (2)


Obviously, we’re beginning with the milder offences…

Alabai (3)

Mixing brown shades with black is tricky. You seriously have to consider texture etc. Alabai didn't consider a thing, as his white bow tie proves


Sound Sultan's outfit was depressing. He's usually cuts quite the figure. This was just lazy


This is borderline...Not sure about that patch of white at Andre Blaze's navel

This is how to do it!

Deji Falope (2)

TV show host Deji Falope looks very grown up here. It might be because he's got a haircut...or maybe he just got it right with the clothes!!!


Inyanya keys into Geek Chic and is working it. Wish he would leave his jacket unbuttoned though

Traditional clothes were also rocked on the red carpet – although some people looked more like they were rolled into and then unfurled with the carpet…Like Black Solo here, who is being interviewed by a shiny mermaid…

Black Solo

...although he might have been stuck in traffic for a while...Steam anyone?


I don't know what this Diamondz girl thought she was doing, showing up in this outfit



So much red detail, Freewindz


Mr. Kool here looks like he's wearing a dress over trousers...and is hitching up his panties

This is how to do it!


Speaking of dresses over trousers…


Kenny St. Brown's outfit defies basic dress sense

Aziza (3)

I can see the dress' underslip. Not working

The best way to wear a dress over trousers, is don’t. Leave it to people who can pull it off, like hippies.

Be Cool, Accessorize

Yeah, I know that doesn’t rhyme…anyway, any fashionista worth her (fake or otherwise) Guccis knows that accessories make or breeak the outfit.  This is probably what Da Blingz (we don’t know what her occupation is yet) was thinking when she got dressed that evening…

D-Blicks (5)

Take a look at that!

DA BLINGZ: Your nails are kinda long bros

DATE: Whaa!

DA BLINGZ: Honestly, the least you could have done was get extensions. Can’t you see that I have nothing natural on me and look so cool these paparazzi want my pictures?

DATE: Whaa!

DA BLINGZ: Is that all you can say?

DATE: Woman, seriously what do you want? I’m trying to look as scary as you. I have a career too, you know, in whatever it is we do. WHAA!

D-Blicks (8)

Let's look at the full length version...seems Halloween came late



Daisy's cross is distracting and takes away from the outfit, which is simple and elegant. Plus she could do with more makeup and maybe lose that black resin bracelet


The (Almost) Good, The Not Better and The Polyester

This Is How To Do It!


Keep it simple. Colours don't have to match. And black tights are waaaay cute!


Two thumbs up!

We couldn’t understand when we first saw this…


But when we saw THAT…


...we got the message

Check out Mumma Gee’s ‘ I am Sasha Fierce’ Face…

Muma G

Or maybe she was coming for Mona Lisa Chinda


"Ooh, li'l ole me!Why?" <simper> <simper>

Still on the subject of (potential) (fashion) victims, let’s take a look at some folk who Tried Too Hard:


When your makeup is trowelled on, then we have a problem.



Well, technically this isn't the red carpet, but this pair always try T.W.O Hard. (Note his do-rag) I suppose it's a case of the family that dresses badly together stays together


This guy's name is Igwe Gabosky. What else do you want to know?

The Colour Red

Abisoye Fagade (3)Let’s check out the close up!

Abisoye Fagade (3) - Copy

Sort of reminds of of that episode on Prison Break when Schofield's foot is brutalised by Abbruzzi's shears. I know, gross! Sorry


Hey guys, Zaaki's torch is smaller!

Laide Bakare (5)

Yoruba film actress Laide Bakare's dress is well, not so nice on her. The matching red eyebrows and that gold (?) tooth are just too Pirates of the Caribbean (especially with the greasy curly hair)

Laide Bakare (10)

The back isn't doing girlfriend any favours either


Lara George and her hubby do red right

Compare & Contrast


What went wrong Basketmouth? Are you pulling a Sauce Kid on us with shoes and socks that have no business with your clothes? Why baby, why?


Djinee overkillin' the look onstage...showing 'em how do do it!

LC ( Artist ) (3)

LC's dress, for the most part, is nice; the cut-outs though, remind me of Frank Nero's hat...


Body lawson (2)

Body Lawson could teach a few lessons in style...

Silverman ( musician )

... we certainly hope Silverman is taking notes

Both of these could go either way:

Elvis Chucks (2)

This is Elvis Chuks

Jimmy Flames (5)

This is Jimmy Flames


Of course, we're comparing hosts - Kwame looks a'ight, Bariya, not so hot. Should probably have unbuttoned that jacket and lost the hat. I feel like she's about to burst into a Janet Jackson-meets-Britney Spears dance routine


Note how cool and suave Celestine Babayaro looks after presenting Kefee her award (What's going on with her dress though?)


As compared with his annoying brother Emmanuel Babayaro who is now a rapper…


I'm not sure if Emma is clutching onto Wande Coal for dear life, or if he's about to knee him in the groin

Other Magical Moments at the NMVAs


I would be angry too if I showed up at an event in a too tight jumpsuit that has turn-ups. Turn-ups!


I love this guy Jay-1. He's the only winner who showed any emotion. This must be his first - I'm certain 'cos this is the first time I'm hearing about him


Then he made a, no doubt, impassioned speech with not a couple of, obviously bitter, onlookers

I love the next two photos: (Yes, it’s still Jay-1)



Bracket thought it might rain on the red carpet


"I'm a birdie !"


This lady is just the coolest person I've seen manning a camera!

Shedi Baba

If you think you recognise Shedi Baba's jacket, you do - he loves it! And that belt -


Fashion Throwback: Hennessey Artistry, this past September


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