Who Will Tell The President…Pete Edochie Has Been Kidnapped?

Posted: August 16, 2009 in X-hale
The CD cover of an Edochie film

The CD cover of an Edochie film

Michaela Moye

Obviously being oyibo or a politician (or a politician’s relative) is no longer the benchmark for kidnappers. When I heard that Nollywood actor Pete Edochie had been kidnapped, several things flashed across my mind at the same time: disbelief, shock, incredulity and more disbelief. I could also imagine the headlines that would be splashed across papers nationwide! Here a few I coined:

  • Things Fall Apart… in Nollywood as Edochie goes missing
  • The Omega…Edochie Taken!
  • “Kidnapping is a Terrible Sin” announces CAN
  • Greedy Geniuses seek to obtain Miserable Wealth with Edochie Ransom
  • “The Heart of Man is wicked” laments Nollywood
  • Will kidnapped Edochie be taken Across The Niger?
  • “Edochie belongs to Billionaires Club” arrested kidnapper confessess

You can also check out the story on 234next.com

  1. John Jacobs says:

    This is very sad news indeed

  2. naija pride says:

    wat is nigeria turning into during the Abacaha regime there was noting like all dis kidnap here n there militant here n there no looting any how like now there was sha but not as much as now pls we need the military bak and fast

  3. christy says:

    All is not well with my country. Is this our vision for 2010 or 2020. ‘Who is next’

  4. ernest says:

    Am surprised that one of our veteran actor(chief pete edochie was kidnapped. i thought kidnapping in our country is 4 politicians and whitemen.y the veteran,the govt should please do something about dis issue of kidnapping. i pray chief will be set free soon.God help chief, God help 234next and God help our country nigeria