Another Double Eviction

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Ed’s Note* Two more Kokolets have been given the boot from the Mansion – James Amuta gives us the low down!

Rekana, at her eviction party

Rekana, at her eviction party

Rekana: Staying Real and Relevant

Being sequestered in any kind of enclosure – be it a prison, boarding school, or even the Koko Mansion could be a really daunting task. And as such, one is wont to wonder what could be the motivation factor for the candidates who give up being with their friends and family, and the sanctity of their privacy to pursue a life subjected to the prying eyes of public scrutiny. Well, for the Rekana Sharon Ojong who was evicted from the Koko Mansion after 28 days, her motivation was simple, frank, and straight forward, “ I guess I was able to cope with the demands of being isolated with 11 strangers in the mansion, because I kept my eyes fixed on the goal” Rekana began, “the 5 million naira prize and the opportunity to be classified as an ideal Nigerian woman was my primary motivation – but after a while the education we were getting in the mansion became the major motivation – we were taught several things such that we learned how to manage a home on budget, we were tutored by Grace Oforiokuma from Style and Grace, and we received countless lessons in poise, elocution, etiquettes, and even how to tie gele – but more significantly I learned how to live with other people, and how to control my temper”

But then, it was more out of necessary curiosity to find out how she felt when was uprooted from all these activities she’d so fondly spoken about, and the emotions that ran through her mind when D’banj didn’t save her during the eviction, and she said, “ I didn’t expect D’banj to save me a third time – if he had done that, I would have felt a bit suspicious of his intentions” she revealed, “in fact, when I was shortlisted for eviction – I just got ready for the outside world”. One would have expected Rekana to feel sad about her eviction, considering the fact that it may have been perceived that she never really got to prove to the world through her performance that she was really a fashionista; but then she quickly rebuffs this assertion by saying, “I don’t think I disappointed those who believed in my fashion abilities” Rekana stated as a matter of fact, “I think I performed very well as a fashionista – asides from coming second during the fashion and style task, I used to dress people up in the mansion – I was more of the in-house stylist in the mansion, I was always consulted by the contestants on issues regarding styling and fashion – and I really enjoyed practicing my innovative concepts of Rita,” Rekana concluded with a warm and innocent chuckle.

How would Rekana exploit the celebrity status which she’s earned due to her participation in the Koko Mansion? How does she plan to make the best out of the exposure she’s received, and what would she do now that she’s got her life back? This series of questions revealed a focused and calculated Rekana, as she responded, “First of all I’d like to further my education by going in for a masters degree in international relations, after that I’d upgrade my knowledge of fashion by understudying some fashion veterans, or even go to a fashion school, before starting a fashion consultancy outfit, because I believe there’re prospects in this niche service – many society men and women sometimes have this need to dress and appear unique at special events, but they need someone who can advise them on what to wear, and probably even help them procure the right fabric and the right designer to produce that outfit that would make them stand out on the red carpet – this is what I’ve been doing on a small scale, but I’m taking the plunge to expand my clientele”.

From talking about her ambitions for the future, we took a crazy detour to discuss her memorable mansion experiences, and as usual it was mandatory to get her version of the “after 10 PM specials” story, of which she was economical with information, “after 10 PM, the mansion is more like what goes on during the day, but the arguments and disputes get more aggressive because the ladies like to settle their beef at night when they know the cameras have been turned off”. Okay, let’s let her go off with that stingy account of what goes on behind the scenes, but then, let’s hear what she has to say about the allegations that she was in a clique, “I was not in any clique” she vehemently denies, “ I even got angry when my name was associated with a certain group of girls, i.e Shona and Chidinma – come to think of it, the last time I heard that clique thing was in high school, but then just because I was in the same room with Shona and Chidinma, the loudmouths quickly assumed I was in a clique with them which is so untrue – I didn’t even have friends in the mansion, because some of the girls just wanted to be friends for a reason, so they can gossip about someone else with you because they felt threatened by that person – I just couldn’t subscribe to that kind of inferior mentality”

Interesting, but wait until you hear what she said about the Kokolet she’d have picked to be evicted in her place if she had the opportunity, “if I had the power to evict someone, I’d pick Shona, because despite the fact that people think she’s intelligent, to me, she’s not being real – she is just faking her personality – I believe she’s not intelligent when it comes to discussing issues other than the usual girlie stuff –I like to see ladies with brains like Bolanle” she revealed, and then continued, “my second choice would be Chidinma because I’m scared that she’s going to explode very soon, because she’s been bottling up a whole lot of issues inside her – even when someone upsets her, she hardly shows it – and I think  it’s not right not to really express those things you’re feeling inside”.

She also expressed her disappointment with some of her teammates who had double standards, “when we had a forum with D’banj during the Shona reward saga –Elizabeth said it was a group thing and Shona shouldn’t come with us to the reward, but when she came face to face with Shona and the rest of the girls, she rescinded her original opinions to look good in front of Shona”. To Rekana, this was an act of cowardice.

On the celebrity visit that made the most impact on her, Rekana said, “when Buki Ajayi came to the mansion to speak with us, it was like my own mother was talking to me – Funke Akindele was nice too, but Omawumi made me realize that it wasn’t about who wins the competition, but how you utilize the opportunities the competition has given you”

She’s looking forward to returning to her loving family, “when I got off the show, the first call I made was to my father, and when he assured me that he watched the show was proud of my performance I almost cried, so I just want to go home and prepare his favorite meal for him”, unveiling a genuine affection for her father.

But just before heading out of the door with her suitcase, she had to inform her fans about whom she’d be voting for now that she’s out of the competition, “at first I was thinking Rita, but when I thought about it – I discovered that Rita needs a great deal of polishing before she can possess the qualities of an ideal woman – since then, I’ve come to believe that Bolanle deserves my vote because she is intelligent, smart, well-spoken, and beautiful – so I’d be campaigning for Bolanle.

Then it was goodbye to Rekana from the Koko Mansion.

Victoria certainly looks pleased to see the "outside world"

Victoria certainly looks pleased to see the "outside world"

Victoria: Not to Vilify the Vindicated…

For Victoria Oloye, the Koko Mansion was an experience she believed had an expiry date, so she couldn’t afford to brood over her eviction. This ambitious young lady was very open minded about her experience and even grateful for the fact that she made it this far, “I didn’t even believe I could make it into the mansion, let alone get this far, so I must be grateful to D’banj and the producers for giving me this opportunity”. Could this be some publicity stunt to conceal her disappointment in D’banj for not saving her, since she was a first-offender, “I can’t be angry at D’banj, because I know it wasn’t up to him – the viewers had voted, and whoever had the least number of votes had to leave – I was found guilty, so it was okay for me to leave” she said with unmistakable sincerity.

However, accepting her eviction without an iota of complaint did not stop her from expressing how nostalgic she’s feeling about the great moments she’d be leaving behind at the mansion, “I’m going to miss everybody in the mansion, they were all unique, and despite our differences, there were still certain likable traits in each of them,” she admitted, “but I’m going to miss the governess more because she was very caring, but strict whenever she needed to be – I know they say nobody is perfect, but the governess is close to being perfect”.

She veered off the admiration game for a bit to talk about how she really felt about the politics of cliquing in the mansion, “ I really had no strategy, I just went to the mansion to have fun, and really I don’t want to regret anything, but then I didn’t see any reason to bond with anybody – I stayed away from the whole cliquing thing by avoiding all the other girls, but then my fight with Lizzy was unavoidable because I’d been bottling all her disrespect for me as a person inside – right from the first day we moved into the mansion, Lizzy was constantly prying into my privacy – one day she actually came to harass me, saying that she expects me to be greeting her formally every morning by saying ‘good morning’ and not the casual ‘hello’, and she even tried to justify her arrogance by saying that if I could say  ‘good morning’ to the governess, then  I must as well say ‘good morning’ to her –and she went on to insult my family – I tried to tolerate it but I couldn’t take it anymore – I don’t regret anything I said to her at all” Victoria revealed, claiming that, “Lizzy is just insecure – she’s so insecure”.

“I wasn’t close to any of the girls” Victoria continued her expose, “because they were not real – they deceived the viewers by pretending a lot – actually, what goes on during the day (during transmission) is just a big camouflage of what really goes on in the mansion – all the girls keep trying to portray that they’re nice, and that they can cook, but that’s all a big fraud.”

She revealed some girlie secrets in the mansion as only captured during the “after 10 PM special” in a very succinct manner, saying that most of the girls have lost track of the concept of morality, saying that, “ I don’t see how you can make an ideal woman out of  a lady who does not see anything wrong in smoking, dating married or older men, clubbing everyday, and sleeping with guys randomly” she spat out, “I’m not going to mention names, but when I tried to isolate myself from such discussions, they started asking me how I get the money to fix my nails, buy my clothes etc – insinuating that there’s no way I could have been able to provide for myself without sleeping with men” she went on exonerate former candidates like Mary and Lilian from these allegations, as she concluded her description of the “after 10 PM special with these foreboding words, “None of the girls can be trusted, they all came with a strategy”

But then –is Victoria a saint? She’s had her own share of scandals, and when reminded of them, she says, “I started dating very early at the age of 15, though I never got intimate with my dates…until lately” And that was her explanation for all the holes that her former mansion mates have picked in her numerous dating stories, claiming they were inconsistent.

Okay, it was time to throw Victoria a curious card – it was time to ask her whom she’d have picked to be evicted in her place if she were given the power to do so, “without hesitating, I’d pick Bolanle, because she is the fakest individual in the mansion – no doubt she’s intelligent, but then she portrays herself as a nun but immediately after 10 PM, you’d discover this very horrible girl”.

After decapitating Bolanle’s reputation, Victoria went on sell hers, “I believe I have the talent for music – I’ve done back-up singing for a few artistes, and people always told me I had a great voice” she went on, “ intend to go into movies and music – for music, I’ll be doing more of studio work, taking advantage of the relationship I’ve established with some of the artistes that came to visit us in the Koko Mansion, to produce new songs – and I believe I’d make it big because Koko Mansion was one of my biggest plans to make all my dreams come true”

Making a quick transition to the celebrity visit that made the most impact on her during her stay in the mansion, Victoria confesses with a brilliant smile that, “Buki Ajayi, Banky W, Ramsey Noah, and Omawumi were all splendid, they proved to be great motivational speakers, and I would definitely consult the likes of Ramsey Noah and Banky W for mentorship”

It was time to commence her journey back home, but not until she told us how she’d be casting her votes from home, “I’d cast my vote for Chidinma any day – any time, because she’s a kind-hearted and virtuous woman, despite the fact that she’s not perfect, she exercises a very high tolerance level when dealing with conflicts in the mansion – she also tries to advise you on how to do things better, but the best part is that despite the fact that she’s from a privileged family, she hardly puts on any airs, and I believe that’s how an ideal woman should be”.

James Amuta

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