All for an SMVA pass!

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Blog party, What's going on...


The travails of a young entertainment section as reported by Jayne Usen

Maybe, we won’t be wrong to say that award organisers and celebrities (well theirs is story for another day) do sometimes underestimate the power or importance of the entertainment reporter.

They fail to realise or recognise that with our pens we can make or mar all ‘them good or air brushed image’ in the twinkle of an eye. You may be wondering why we are sounding so pissed, we will tell you why.

When we (the X2 team), got wind of the fact that the Sound City Music Video Awards (SMVA) was around the corner, we were happy because we thought this award show just like the Hip World Awards which held earlier in the year, would afford us yet another opportunity to stick our noses out for news especially those which you, the reader, does not get to read about when the reports are finally written.

We began the whole process of getting accredited, getting passes and why not, the Back Stage Express tickets. We were not so worried at first because we thought we could count on our friends, pals, contacts and all the powers that be to get at passes, but were we wrong?!

It isn’t surprising anyway that your best pals or supposed best friends can turn their backs on you or act strange at the last minute especially when you need them most. So here we are two days to the event and still trying to get passes. We begin to think that maybe it is due to the fact that we are relatively a bit new on the Nigerian entertainment scene or maybe it is just “bad belle”.

Thanks to Ayeni the Great  (who anyone who wants to reckoned with must know or better yet he must know, lol) who comes to our rescue. He gives us the phone numbers of an SMVA contact person and that marks the beginning of the ‘begging game’.

We put a call across to the contact person who asks that we send a text with the names of the reporters. We gladly do so and then the waiting game starts. After waiting for two days we call Mr SMVA. No response. Then he texts to say that we should send a text instead and go over to the Ocean View Restaurant to get our passes. We are happy –  at least we are making headway. Alas, we become disappointed when we do not get to see all those we were directed to.

So finally we get to call Mr SMVA on Saturday morning and did we breathe a sigh of relief when he finally offers us one pass as against two which we had requested for, but then again who are we to complain or do beggars have choices? Okay, maybe we do but not at this instance.

Abidemi hits the street, heads straight to Ocean View to get a hold of the pass before our host changes his mind.

And that was the story behind the SMVA passes and was it worth all the stress and hassles? Go read Abidemi Dairo’s piece on the SMVA awards to find out for yourself!

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