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Ed’s Note* Yelz peoples, it’s another episode of the thrilling soap opera brought to us by James Amuta and the wonderful girlz of the Koko Mansion. Enjoy the high drama!

Chioma and Bidemi don't seem too upset at be leaving all that Koko at their eviction party

Chioma and Bidemi don't seem too upset at be leaving all that Koko at their eviction party

Bidemi: Bidding a Life of Drama Goodbye

For Bidemi Jolayemi, it didn’t really come as a shocker to her when she was shortlisted for eviction, because she had this feeling that the viewers were only voting for the mansion-mates who were frequently involved in one skirmish or another  over trivial things, “ I was just being myself in the mansion, I never got into heated arguments with anyone, I never played to the cameras – I wasn’t dancing like the other girls, I wasn’t rushing off to the kitchen to fight over my turn to cook and all that, but I think the viewers were actually entertained by the ladies who did that, they must have been voting for someone more dramatic than myself – and I don’t blame them, and I can’t blame myself either – all in all I had a good time in the mansion, now it’s time for me to go back to home to a family I’ve missed so much”

Already musing about how she’d spend her first day at home with her friends and family after three emotionally-charged weeks, Bidemi revealed that she would however miss Bolanle for the genuine friendship she shared with her in the mansion. A friendship she stood the test of pettiness, at a time when her fellow mansion mates wanted to tear them apart during one of their infamous “after 10 pm” specials.  She recalls, “one night, I was cat-walking in the room, dreaming about modeling, and I said, ‘I’m sure I have what it takes to be an international model’ and Bolanle muttered, ‘yeah right’ followed by Shona who said ‘amen’ – I remember Chidinma wanting to make a big fuss out of what Bolanle said to me, telling me that Bolanle had no right to say ‘yeah right’ to my dream, just as if she was saying, ‘keep dreaming you fool’ and then the other girls joined in condemning Bolanle for saying that, but then I knew that Bolanle couldn’t have said it in a spiteful manner – I knew she was just saying ‘yeah right’ maybe as a dare, not because she didn’t believe I could make it like the girls were making it sound”. Her friendship with Bolanle survived that night and to her will still continue even outside the mansion.

She also fondly recalls Banky W’s visit to the mansion as one of the most inspirational, “Banky W was one celebrity that made sure he drummed it into our head that being a celebrity wasn’t just about the glitz and the glamour, but a challenge that requires a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance – he also let us know that with focus nothing was impossible, and that kind of spoke directly to me, since I’m really determined to become a big time runway model – I’ve kept his words very close to my heart

What about some mansion drama she would never forget? “ At a point in time, after the ladies discovered that it was actually the viewers voting to keep them in the mansion,” Bidemi began in a conspiratorial tone, “ the ladies reckoned that the more time they spent in the kitchen the more likely they were to attract the viewers’ votes – so everyday, you’d find the ladies fighting over who was going to cook, and who was going to do the dishes, just so they’d come across as homely and ideal – I still don’t get it – well, since I wasn’t cut out for fighting, I never got my fair share of kitchen time and maybe that’s why the viewers never voted me as much” she concludes with a very hearty laugh.

From the exclusive mansion-drama expose, Bidemi launched into a genuine endorsement of her love for Bukky Ajayi, whom she describes as “unforgettable” – saying that Bukky Ajayi spoke to her like a wise grand mother would – forcing her to pause and ponder on the need for a woman in the entertainment business to be disciplined, focused, and uncompromising with her moral values.

The fact that she’s been evicted does not deter her from wishing some of her former mansion mates well, “I want Bolanle to win this competition – she’s real, she’s intelligent, and she’s reasonable – she is the ideal woman”, from Bolanle, she dropped a few good words for Rita, “irrespective of the way she speaks, Rita is intelligent, funny, and real”, not just Rita, but she appears to be fond of Rekana too, “Rekana is another individual who’s being herself – she’s brilliant in my own point of view, and she doesn’t care about what everybody else says about her”

Being a hardcore believer in staying positive despite the odds, Bidemi states as a matter of fact that, “All the ladies in that mansion if given the opportunity to win are strong enough to perform as a near-perfect representation of an ideal Nigerian woman”

But then, if she was given the opportunity to pick one housemate to be evicted in her place, she says, “I would have picked Chidinma to go in my place because I feel she doesn’t know how to talk to people – in as much as Rekana and Shona are blunt sometimes, Chidinma is just plain disrespectful of other people’s feelings”

Bidemi believes that her mansion experience has made her a stronger, more equipped individual, arming her with the prerequisite attitude to achieve her dreams, and even as she bows out of the competition very gracefully, she remains very grateful to D’banj for providing young ladies in her shoes with this rare opportunity to discover what it really takes to be considered an ideal woman in the society.

Chioma, Lilian and Bidemi

Chioma, Lilian and Bidemi

Ed’s Note* This week (cue dramatic music overheard) not one, but TWO Kokolets were evicted from the Mansion. Stay tuned…

Chioma: Singing far Away from the Mansion

Chioma’s glory days in the mansion were cut short on Sunday. But somehow, as she confessed, she saw it coming. Since the previous week after she was shortlisted as one of the three Kokolets with the least number of votes, and subsequently saved by D’banj, she’d been feeling very low-spirited in the mansion. She battled endlessly with questions in a bid to comprehend why the viewers didn’t vote for her like she expected them to.

But then, she recalls the emotions that ran through her just a few moments after Bidemi was evicted, when Rekana locked her in a joyful embrace thinking it was going to be the same as the previous week when just one Kokolet was evicted, “at that point when D’banj evicted Bidemi, I still felt uneasy, because normally after evicting a contestant D’banj and Marian would leave the mansion – but this Sunday, D’banj was still sitting down, relaxed – so when he told us there was one more thing he had to do, and that suspenseful music started playing – I just knew instinctively that I was going to be evicted, since I was the last person to be saved last week”, Chioma revealed, “I’ve been trying to figure out why people weren’t voting for me that much – is it because I play a lot, or is it because I dance and sing – I still can’t get it”

Surprisingly Chioma seemed very cheerful after she was evicted, maybe she was trying to bury the underlying frustration, but then who knows – after all, she received a very warm welcome at the Koko Lounge during the eviction party at the Koko Lounge, where she sang and danced with D’banj, Toyin Subair, Don Jazzy, Ikechukwu, Wande Coal, and Dr. Sid.

After three weeks in the mansion, Chioma is looking forward to being reunited with the microphone in the vocal booth – as she intends to continue recording her songs, “I really don’t have many friends to go visit, I plan myself, and work towards my plans, so I really don’t have that many friends to go gist with – I’ll just go back to the studio and start recording more songs”

Reflecting on her days in the mansion, “I’m not that kind of girl who jokes a lot, or get into one argument or the other with my mansion-mates, so I figure that maybe the viewers thought I was too quiet to be voted for – maybe they wanted to keep the drama queens in the mansion to entertain them.” And she laughs.

The girls with Don Jazzy, hanging on to his every word?

The girls with Don Jazzy, hanging on to his every word?

Despite the amount of effort Chioma was investing into concealing her emotions during this interview, she let it out, when she was asked whom she could have picked if she was given the power to elect another mansion mate to take her place on the eviction hot seat, “I would have picked Chidinma because I feel she’s not a very straightforward person – she likes pretending, she started the clique thing in the mansion – but then, today she’s with Shona pretending to be best friends with her, the next day, she’d be with Chinwe pretending to be best friends with her too – but then the day Shona picked me to go out on a date with D’banj, and Chidinma discovered that Shona had picked me, she wasn’t happy because she was actually expecting Shona to pick her – but then she went on to pretend – and it even got worse when we returned from the outing, and none of the girls even bothered to welcome us from the outing –which was very odd, because it’s like a tradition for us girls to always hug the winners when they return from their outings – it even took the intervention of the governess to get them to give us a miserly welcome embrace” she paused, really emotional about the cold welcome she had received, but then, “but then if I had the power to replace all the three of us that were shortlisted for eviction , I would have also picked Chinwe and Vicky – I would pick Chinwe because at first I thought she was going to be a good friend to me, but along the line I noticed that she was just causing a lot of trouble in the mansion–she actually forged the rumors about this clique thing when there really was nothing more than just girls who were close to each other, like Bidemi was close to Bolanle – I discovered that she was just a trouble maker” after giving her reasons for picking Chinwe, she switched to Vicky, “ for Vicky,  like Lizzy once said is very insolent and rude, and she hardly thinks before she talks – she just says very hurtful things to people without thinking about the consequences or how much pain her words would inflict on her victims”

Chioma also spoke about the celebrity guests that left a huge impact on her, “first of all I’d say mummy Bukky Ajayi spoke to me like no one else had ever done – she spoke from experience, and she urged to be able to draw the line between realistic dreams and daydreams – she advised us on ways we could improve our image as women in the entertainment industry, in fact there was a lot of wisdom in what she told us – but then, music-wise, I’d say, Omawumi also left a remarkable impression on me, because her story is similar to mine – I admire her because despite the fact that she did not win the West African Idol, she’s been able to do well for herself, today she’s even more successful than the guy who won the competition – she makes me believe that I can do better than I am doing right now”

Now that she’s out of the mansion, with very pleasant memories  – a surprise 21st birthday party with the entire Mo-Hits crew in attendance, a 2,000 dollars cash gift from D’banj for her birthday shopping-spree, and the numerous celebrity guests she met; Chioma Akuezue looks forward to a blossoming career in the music industry, but she also reveals the fact, that she doesn’t believe she’s perfect, so she’s looking forward to working with a manager who’d encourage and mentor her in the art and business of music, to enable her churn out songs that would be relevant in the society.

However, now that she’s out, she says she’d still cast her votes for Shona and Bolanle to win the competition, because she believes, “these ladies are ideal – Bolanle is responsible, she cares about people’s feelings – for Shona, she is very loving, jovial, and she calls a spade a spade and I appreciate that, and would keep voting for them, for these reasons”.

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