Mo knows that “Money Talks”

Posted: July 16, 2009 in What's going on...

Miz Mo at the Inspire Africa concert earlier this year

Miz Mo at the Inspire Africa concert earlier this year

Money Talks

Talk is cheap… or is it? Here at the Inspire Africa, talk comes with a heavy price tag. There is a new buzz in the air, and we’re not talking mosquitos or Tsetse flies; the excitement is about a sizzling new TV reality show that stems from the creators of the hit TV Talk Show “Moments with Mo” entitled “The Debaters”. A jaw dropping TV reality show that is set to give a voice to the voiceless plus create an educative and entertaining arena for Africa to witness.

They will go head to head against one another in the form of teams and spirited individuals to debate on a wide array of issues. Eliminations will be based on a blend of judges’ decisions, and viewers’ votes via SMS until one candidate remains standing. The bankable talkative will reign supreme, and bear the title of “Debater of the year”. It is scheduled to be viewed on African Magic and Silverbird Television. Auditions are scheduled to be held in Port-Harcourt, Kano, Abuja, and Lagos

Set to debate spell bounding issues for 13 weeks, 14 candidates will resume in the “Talk Academy” where they will be trained to harness their oratory skills by the best coaches in the business. Character of their voice, thought provoking words, and a strong personality will determine who walks away with the ultimate grand prize.

The show would not be complete without the undeniable contribution of our sponsors. Our headline sponsor is GTBank and “The Debaters” is proudly supported by The British Council (WAPI), Bras Motors, Visafone, Tantalizers, Omatek, and Veda Technologies. Our Debaters will also be dressed in quality clothing courtesy of T.M Lewin and Mobos.

“The Debaters” is the first reality show in Nigeria or even Africa that will present on a weekly basis, credible, coherent, adult debates channeled to tackle contentious issues relative to today’s society and simultaneously celebrating oratory as “The Power to Change”.

The creator, Mo Abudu, stated that “the objective of the show is to inspire change and attract genuine leadership, and to also provide an ideal platform for those individuals who would drive the change.” She went on to also say that “we as Africans need to discuss and tackle pressing issues ranging from social, political and economic factors from across the African continent and “The Debaters” will be the platform for that change.”

We at Inspire Africa are truly inspired, and we hope that you will be too. It has become obvious to us that a change is imminent. What better way to do it but through the power of knowledge. Debating is a powerful art that has gone into oblivion, but thanks to the ingenious mind of the creator, Mo Abudu that the long lost art has been revived to engineer change in our great Nation, Nigeria and hopefully across Africa.

SIGNED BY: Inspire Africa

Ed’s Note* All this is all good and fine, really, but em, after that grand Inspire concert, what happened to the ‘street children‘?

  1. who knows says:

    Say Again, How has the lives of these street children been changed by the Inspire Africa?