Lilian Gets the Boot

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Ed’s Note* So it’s week 2 (already!) and once again James Amuta has filled us in on all the Koko in the Mansion. Plus Lilian has left the building!

Lilian (photo courtesy James Amuta)

Lilian (photo courtesy James Amuta)

Running Out of Life Lines

It’s hard to forget all the dancing, singing, and feasting of the previous week, in the Koko Mansion. The Kokolets had been living their lives in the mansion, like participants in a free-for-all rendezvous. But then, they were about to be snapped back to reality. In fact, they felt the foreboding ambience of the mansion – like it suddenly became a haunted house – where the ghost of impending eviction was stalking its next victim.

Last week’s eviction show was a teaser, designed to remind the Kokolets that they were in fact in the mansion, not to feast, but to compete in a virile search for the one Kokolet who embodies the qualities of an ideal Nigerian woman. This time they knew for sure that one lady was going to get evicted from the mansion.

When the second task was delivered – it stated that they were expected to design a re-branding campaign to enhance Nigeria’s image. And they did their best to interpret the task.

Well, in between preparation and execution of the task, the Kokolets found time to have loads of fun. Celebrity guests like Denrele, M.I, and Omawumi entertained the ladies on different occasions in the mansion. They also received motivation from an award-winning human rights activist, Dr. Joe Okumakin.

The fun ended abruptly as soon as it was time to present their task before the panel of judges – both teams did well, but GROUP A was better. The mansion erupted in excitement as soon as the task result was announced by the governess, who declared GROUP A as the victorious team. Their reward was a date with D’banj and his friends at the fabulous Koko Lounge.

The voting lines had been buzzing throughout the week, as the public struggled to keep their favorite Kokolets in the competition. Even the ladies knew that it was going to be very serious business at the eviction show, since they had no clue as to what to expect this week – later on, we’d discover that the Kokolets had been expecting another miraculous “all-round saving” session from D’banj.

Finally, the time came for 3 Kokolets with the least number of votes to be paraded before D’banj for him to determine which two of these ladies deserve to be saved, and which one deserves to be shown the door. Rekana, Chioma, and Lilian were on this eviction hotlist.

It was really difficult for D’banj to make a choice. But then, he began his summation:

“The first Kokolet I am going to save is someone who has shown deep knowledge and pride in her culture” he said before saving Rekana.

It came down to Lilian and Chioma, both very anxious and expectant; sweating as the mood music in the mansion mocked the panting of their heartbeats.

“Chioma you have shown a deep passion about showcasing your God-given talents in music”, he paused, “Lilian, your dancing skills have kept a lot of us entertained. I wish I can keep you both. However, one of you has to go”.  A very ominous silence descended on the mansion for a couple minutes, before D’banj walked towards both ladies – he hugged Lilian briefly, before he announced:

“Chioma, you’re saved – take your suitcase back upstairs”

A solitary tear dropped escaped from Lilian’s eye. It was also obvious that it was a tough decision for D’banj to make. But someone had to go, and it wasn’t his call really. The public had voted for their favorite contestants.

Later that night, Lilian was joined by Mary, the contestant that took a voluntary exit from the mansion last week, at Volar for the official eviction party hosted by the ace-commedian AY, where they received an amazing red-carpet treatment like celebrity actresses fresh off the set of a blockbuster movie.

This Sunday is yet another eviction show – but the looming question is: who will be ejected from the mansion? You decide. Only your votes can keep these beautiful ladies in the magnificent Koko Mansion.

–James Amuta

Mary and Lilian at the eviction party

Mary and Lilian at the eviction party

The Koko on Lilian

Lilian Ebehohon

Age: 18

Occupation: Student (University of Benin)

Lilian is one of the youngest contestants on this show, yet she is by far one of the more imposing candidates. This young lady arrests your attention with her youthful “never let anyone or anything intimidate me” attitude; her zest for life is in fact highly infectious, as her demeanor gives away the fact that she’s determined not to be taken for granted as a result of her age.

She summarizes her ideology with this smug line, “the youngest may be the smartest”. She considers herself outspoken and not loud, and she posits that, “I don’t like dull people; they always get me very angry”. She is very confident that she’s going to emerge victorious, “I know I have the qualities of the ideal Nigerian woman – amplified by my strong will”.

She’s currently nursing a career ambition in public relations, as she muses about many charitable ways to spend her prize money, “if I win this money, I’d first of all, pay my tithe – and it’d be the first time I’ll be paying my tithe…”, she would also provide her dad with the resources required to pay for his eye surgery, since his sight is fast deteriorating.

However she’s coming to the mansion, with one self-confessed flaw, “I have anger management issues, but once I hear music, I’ll calm down”. This is Lilian, whose flaw may be her quick temper, but her virtue will always be brutal honesty.

Lilian was a very entertaining contestant, who thrilled the viewers and her mansion-mates with her energetic dance moves. She also cut across as someone who must have lived harmoniously with her mansion-mates, considering the fact during all the in-house eviction nomination exercises she was never nominated – but then the eviction was powered by the result of the viewers’ votes.

During her eviction party, she thrilled her fans for quiet sometime on stage with her trademark moves – some of the guests were very excited to see her, and they couldn’t resist the impulse to join her on stage.

Oh D'banj! We are so grateful you have rewarded us with a meal! we would have starved otherwise!

Oh D'banj! We are so grateful you have rewarded us with a meal! we would have starved otherwise!

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