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Posted: June 29, 2009 in Blog party, What's going on...


Malta Street Dance Finale

Queen Martins

For a show that was supposed to start at 4:00pm, I was quite upset when at 5:30pm I was still outside waiting for the Malta Street Dance crew to finish their final rehearsals. My legs were really aching because I had been standing the whole time. I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I told my colleague to call me when the show started while I sat in the car. After about 30 minutes, I decided to go back and voila!  The bouncers are taking tickets and allowing people to go in.

As we entered, we got a bottle of Malta Guiness which I dropped while searching for a good spot to sit. After  a while  the show started with a female voice introducing the anchor of the program – Deji Falope.  The lights went off and Deji appeared on stage fully geared up in leather gloves, helmet and boots on his power bike.  All this time the crowd was hailing and shouting, obviously impressed with the razzmatazz. He got off with style and picked his microphone with effizy, the crowd still cheering, and announced the panel of judges. All 3 of them Frank, Wale Rubber and Kaffy, dressed in some way like Wacko Jacko and  individually dancing to different songs by him before they took their seats.

Only 7 teams, each made up of 6 members, got through to the nationals. The teams are:


Da Cronix –  Owerri

X-fellaz –  Enugu

Street hoodLagos

Amen –  Jos

Isaiah 54Benin


The 1st round had all 7 teams perform  two minute  routines before the audience and the panel of judges. The performance was filled with a lot of energy and creativity; there was a lot of stomping, stunts, flip-flops, props & costume to help pass across different messages.

Only 4 teams – Da Cronix, X-fellaz, Street hood and Switch – qualified to perform in the 2nd round. This round was more captivating as all teams saved their best for last except Switch which the judges said had performed better in the 1st round.

The theme for Da Cronix performance was that Nigeria has money but we need to kill corruption. After Da Cronix, the X-fellas came on stage wearing afros and danced to old school hits before transiting into a make-believe football pitch where their ‘Team Nigeria ‘scored a goal and in excitement took off their flying eagle’s jersey. They ended their performance by holding up a banner with Michael Jackson’s picture and date of birth and death. This was probably the highlight of their performance because, aside from the judges, no other dance group had paid any tribute to Michael Jackson.  It provoked different emotions from excitement to soberness and it left the judges speechless. Eventually Wale rubber said “o gbono feli feli” and Kaffy said up on till that time she had not really accepted that Michael was dead.

The last group to perform was the Street Hood team, who came on dressed in military camouflage. The best part of their performance was when they created the illusion of an armoured tank in motion.

After all the dance performances, Wande Coal and S.I.D came on stage and mimed to a few songs but the one that got the crowd most excited was ‘Bumper to Bumper’. In keeping with the general tributes to Michael Jackson, Wande Coal also paid tribute to the King of Pop when he sang ‘You are not alone’. His backing dancers performed a  ‘Thriller’ routine and  the biggest shock was when the chubby Wande Coal did back flips – repeatedly.

While the performance was going on, the judges put heads together to decide the winner of the first ever international street dance competition to be held in Africa. As Wande & S.I.D exited the stage, Deji Falope  came  on to announce the winners. In 3rd place were Da Cronix who went away with a N500, 000 cash prize. Then he called up the Street hood and X-Fellaz team, and asked the audience which team they thought would win, each team had their supporters and they were cheering them on with some holding up placards with the team name on it.

With the crowd still calling names of their favourite team,  Deji announced the winner, Street hood team. All their supporters rushed on top of the stage to hug them and show some love and for a minute there, it looked like the X-fellaz were ignored until members of soul quest ( the winners of the last year’s Malta Guinness street dance) went to hug them and drop a few words of encouragement because according to Deji the difference was just 1%.

Eventually, the stage was cleared of the cohorts and the X-fellaz were presented with N1 million cash prize while the street hood team got N2 million naira and the opportunity to  represent Nigeria at the international finals to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 15th of August, 2009 where they will compete with champions from Europe, Asia and the USA .

A total of N13 million cash will be given out to winners in the competition.

  1. Simonic says:

    Good thing you didn’t take off despite the delay, cos reading this made me feel like I was there. And going by your narrative, I think X-fellaz should have won the competition. That is not to cast aspersion on the integrity of the judges as I really wasn’t there. All the same, great story.

  2. Deji Falope says:

    wow, even though i hosted the show, i see a whole new perspective to the event, sorry about the delay though.
    would love to write for next soon.

  3. Ayo says:

    Street hood had no rules,they never kept anything back.That was a competition not an entertainment show.i”ll give it to the X-fellas if it were entertainment,but street hood had d street thing.Were the x-fellas waiting for Micheal Jackson to die before they can come out with a nice and complete routine?

    • Taiwo Opeyemi says:

      Well,so far so gud, streethood and d X fellaz hv bin my bst teamz ryt 4rm d regional finalz.they were both fantastic on stage durin d national finalz bt judgin 4rm d second round,i tink d winning team shld hv bin X fellaz. Judgin 4rm their costumez,2 their transformationz, delivery,accuracy n finaly,d tribute,they had it all.2 me,d most important part in their presentation waz d tribute…i luv n respect dem 4 dat…streethood were also hot bt if u notice,sme parts were not accurate coz sme were laggin behind in d dance…am sorry 2 say diz bt i tink d judges used home advantage.aside 4rm dat,d show waz tyt…..n KAFFY, u were lukin hot in d finalz.kip it up n i love ur swagga.