Dipp pays tribute to MJ

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Uncategorized


Nigerian pop singer and dancer Dipp gives honour to his hero, entertainment icon Michael Jackson, who died Thursday June 25, 2009.

Words can’t come close to describing what Michael Jackson meant to a lot of us young minds and able bodies.

He stood on a pedestal so high no one could touch him up to this very day. For me all other dance acts like usher, Omarion.etc were influencers in my music and style but Michael Jackson was my role model.

One can’t imagine the sacrifices and hard work he put into his career. He is a true definition of devotion and dedication to self art and music.

He defined everything in entertainment from the songs, lyrics, choreography and oh yes! videos. I’m speechless, I am devastated, and I’m breathless.

I feel I have lost a father, teacher and mentor. Even in our very own Nigerian Industry, he’s influence is evident. There is only one true king of Pop.

He was an inspiration not only on stage but in character as well. Besides the alleged scandals he was a true symbol of how artists, role models and entertainers ought to behave. We grew with Michael.

He shared his life with us. There isn’t a soul that doesn’t know or wasn’t affected by the great one. The king of falsettos and master of the stage.

His passion for music was astounding and unbelievable. Letting us know that we are masters of our destiny.

I owe him all my abilities and much more, because he showed me how to sing, dance, create and most of all how to DREAM! WE LOVE MICHEAL!!

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