Abati Vs Banky

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Blog party, What's going on...

Banky displays

Toyosi Oshodi

Alpha males have always found a way to air their difference, while some use their fists, the pen as been the weapon of choice for a few intellectual few. From Shakespeare versus Benjamin Johnson and Jay Z versus Nas, words seem to inflict more damage than the average battle wound. There is the saying that says, Sticks and stones may break my bone but your words will never hurt me. Y’right!

I do enjoy a good cock fight as the next person, well for one thing compared to cat fights, guys pretend to be more reserved and less catty than we girls, believe me they can be just as catty, case in point the recent Banky W and Ruben Abati debacle.

It all begin with one of Mr. Abati’s editorial pieces where the seasoned writer, let it rip on the state of the Nigerian music and how it has deteriorated to this state. While certain sections of the piece rang true in my opinion, I do believe that majority of the songs that get air play these days bring crap and utter nonsense to another level. Mr. Abati proceeded to categorize these wannabe’s artistes with the somewhat good ones; Mr. Capable took offence and offered a reply on his blog, Bank Statements. I must say I was shocked and amazed; who knew Banky had a way with the pen. While I always find Reuben Abati’s Friday columns very inspiring and thought – provoking, I must say round one goes to Banky well for one thing, Mr. Abati made an error in judgment by debasing today’s artists as spineless people without a mind of their own.  Banky had the upper hand by giving me a history lesson in the country’s history in music.

What I find hilarious about this cock fight is how quickly the editorial piece as gained such notoriety within a few days. Blogs were up within seconds of Banky posting his response and the funny thing was all of them were all on his side, many which had failed to read Abati’s piece in the first place.

In my opinion, I don’t think Mr. Abati meditated properly on the article before putting pen to paper and I feel this only shows this huge gap between our generations. I feel it’s time the older ones learn to deal with the fact that change is upon, the young grow and eventually leave the nest and what you think you knew are now archaic and ancient, instead of looking for ways to dig holes in whatever the younger generation is up to.

  1. Ekanem says:

    This is no cockfight love. And “Alpha males”? “Cat fight”? Come now! You’re belittling the whole issue. In fact, I dare say, this particular entry of yours should be scrapped as it doesn’t really seem well thought out does it? Looks like you just banged it out because everyone else seems to have an opinion on the issue. There are no links to the articles being discussed or anything. Shame. And again, may I suggest the use of a proof reader? Or at the very least, spell check? Muchos gracias senorita!

  2. Henry says:

    Ok, Ekanem just made me see a reason not to read this article. Adios.

  3. temi says:

    i think this article is very insightful becos i think it just show how silly men can be .. oh come on…