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Posted: June 22, 2009 in Blog party, True talk, What's going on...

Ed’s Note: People, we are really pleased that the copyright conversation is still going on – After reading this blog entry you can scroll down and check out Abidemi Dairo and Segun Balogun’s article on the same topic: ‘Release our ringtone royalties’

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Michael Philips

Ring back tones and ringtones allow users to customize their mobile phones with music and other sounds of their choice, but there is one very big difference between them. Ringtones are played out when your mobile phones rings or receives an text message whereas ring back tones replaces the “bum” “bum” sound when you call someone and plays while you wait for someone you are calling to answer.

The Nigerian mobile phone industry is booming, with the country ranked as the biggest mobile telecoms market in Africa and 8th in the world.

The Nigerian music industry is also growing fast with international award winning artistes like Tuface, Dbanj, and 9ice hitting the scene with songs that have become street anthems in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Ringback tones and ringtones are a big deal for the Nigerian music industry.

Consumers have shown that they are willing to pay multiple times for the same song in different formats — once for the full track, once for the ringtone and once for the ringback tone.

Research shows that mobile operators in Nigeria are able to monetize the same song three times with the ringtone selling for N100, the ringback tone for N100 per download and N100 for monthly subscription and the full track for N150.

The Research firm Multimedia Intelligence reports that the market for ringback tones will see revenue triple by 2012 to $4.7 billion.

The questions arising are these?

1. How can the Nigerian artiste participate fully in the value chain of mobile content business?

2. Is the Nigerian artiste knowledgeable on how to participate?

3. Do Nigerian artiste/ record labels have a mobile content strategy?

4. What are the challenges in royalties and right of use?

5. Who are these people called “content providers”?

6. What role does the Mobile Network Operator play?

7. How do we minimize the impact from DRM or piracy on mobile music?

There lots of success stories in the mobile content industry. Some are:

1.SOUJA BOY- sold over 1 million piece of ringtones.

2.Alicia Keys- sold over 500,000 piece of ring back tones of Hit song “ NO ONE”

There are real figures – with over 48 million mobile phone subscribers in the country indicating that Nigerian artistes can do the same.

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