Posted: June 5, 2009 in Blog party
Just so you can see what i'm talking about!

Just so you can see what i'm talking about!

I love making Lists with a capital L. They can be for and about any thing- Shopping,  Things To Do, Places To Go, What’s Hot and What’s Not; and Who’s Hot and Who’s In Need Of A Good Makeover. I wrote a Note on my Facebook account and have been arm-wrestled to post it up here.

This is STRICTLY MY PERSONAL OPINION. Enjoy my uber-powerful Hit List of Sexiest World Leaders:

10 – Abacha (Nigeria):

Ahem, dodgy choice! I hear you scream in alarm, but those glasses were really mysterious. Maybe it was Stockholm’s Syndrome or whatever it’s called, but I have no apologies for my celebrity crushes.

9 – Bill Clinton (USA):

Hello! The man’s inaugural speech made me cry, for goodness sake!

8 – Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel):

Often referred to as Israel’s Clinton during his “reign”, I always secretly thought he is way better looking than Bill. The guy was hunky!

7 – Prince Charles (England):

So what if his ears stick out and he wants to be reincarnated as his wife’s tampon or collects toilet bowls or talks to plants or has sausages for fingers? So what? I love him. He’s a man after my own heart.

6 – Prince William (England):

Who doesn’t have a crush on prematurely balding Bonny Prince Willie? How dare that Kate person? We were going to be wed. I was going to comfort him after his personal tragedy. Really, I was convinced I had a chance with this man – I blame my mother for this.

5 – Theophilus Bamigboye (A Nigerian military administrator when I was a kid):

Technically, he’s not a world leader and I don’t know what he looks like but I always heard his name on TV and looked forward to hearing it! (Reserve ya comments!)

4 – Prince Michael of Kent:

Okay, he’s Prince Charles’ uncle and his “world leadership” is doubtful but the man retains that royal look and demeanour reminiscent of his cousin Tsar Nicholas of Russia. And we have the same name!

3 – Nicholas Sarkozy (France):

The guy looks like a baddie from a movie. Or a goodie with a baddie past. He is so enigmatic. He exudes mega-star sex-appeal! He’s so hot he’s married to a supermodel! He makes Bono look a tad uncool! In fact, he should be the smokes-too-much rebel member of U2! Okay, you get it…I’m enthusiastic about Sarkozy’s looks.

2 – Tom Brown (UK PM):

There are many who do not see the merit in sculpted hair and big ears that fill up the side of your face. But I do, especially if they are on the Man Whose Voice Captivates Me.

1 – Obama (Like who else would be Number One on any Most Hot List?)

  1. Oskar says:

    Rubbish article. You will be better off picking melon.

  2. 234next says:

    @ Oskar: Thanks! This is just the sort of helpful suggestions we appreciate!

  3. Jite says:

    Hmmm… I wish you hadn’t been a cliche and put Obama in 1st place but to each her own.
    I laughed really hard and even though I didn’t agree with the order, I agreed with some of the people.
    -#5 does have a very complete sounding name. Its very satisfying to say anf hear I agree.
    – Where is Vladimir Putin in this? He’s so fine!!! That man looks dangerous like he doesn’t give an eff and he knows who he is. Like he knows how to handle a woman well… in the words of the great Paris Hilton: that’s hot!
    – Ok and even know he didn’t win the Republican ticket what about Mitt Romney. Hot! Hot!! Hottt!!! (I used to mute the tv and just watch him speak during the republican debates)
    -Even our own current twosome Goodluck J and the sickler aren’t too bad in the looks department. They’re definitely workable. Actually Yar Adua is quite fine in a pinched “last legs” sort of way.

  4. Jite says:

    Oh and as for Sarko, I won’t lie, the pic you’ve posted is a really good one. Usually, he doesn’t look that good. He has that standard French something-is-smelling-bad face. Not cute. At all.

  5. 234next says:

    @ Jite: Honestly, i considered not putting Obama as number 1 but i would have been lying to myself. I’m glad you found it funny – which was the whole point (take note Oskar)!