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Posted: May 18, 2009 in Blog party

My Personal Review Of The 2009 Hip Hop World Awards

by Uti Nwachukwu


I JUST CAME FROM THE 2009ICE… oops…I mean 2009 Hip Hop Music Awards.

The night was magical with beautiful stars on the Y’hello carpet. Stars that caught my eye? DAKORE!!! One of Nollywood’s finest with a beautiful Greek inspired gown.

Then there were the beauty queens MUNACHI AND ADAEZE in their black numbers!..wooow!

FOR the dudes..my personal best?..M.I!..talk about A perfect gentleman!..with a red and white TUX, he most definitely stood out!..then there were CHIDI MOKEME, BLACK SOLO, DARE, TIMAYA AND TIMI DAKOLO…..Pure Class!

The performances were CAPTIVATING, PROFESSIONAL AND WORLD STANDARD!!!..Thank God we have FINALLY woken up in Nigeria!!..There were performances by NIKKI performing You’re the Only One, 9ice and Lord Ajasa, DARE – you’re not the girl, 2SHOT and TIMAYA – In Case You Never Know. OMAWUNMI – In the music, TUFACE -Free and Enter the Place, AND a surprise reunion by the TRYBESMEN!!!

MY BEST MALE PERFORMANCE undeniably went to TUFACE IDIBIA with his drama filled performance of one my personal favorite songs-FREE!!..trapped in chains while being pulled around by a mean faced jailer, the performance was INCREDIBLE! HE eventually closed the show with an electrifying performance of ENTER THE PLACE!..along side slick dressed SOUND SULTAN!! ONE WORD – WOOW!

RIGHT BEHIND the TUFACE performance was M.I!! IF YOU EVER WONDERED what the true definition of SWAGGER was, look no further. M.I successfully placed his picture right next to the word in the 2009 version of the dictionary with that spell bound stage takeover!..not to mention CLASS, PROFESSIONALISM, SEXY GIRLS….need i say more!!

MY BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE was most definitely OMAWUUUNMIII!!!!…kaii!!!..three words…SEXY SEXY SEXY!!!!!!,….hubba hubba hubba!!!..for the first time that night half the crowd stood up and danced!!.the sexy vixen wowed the crowd with a dance & choreography filled rendition of her smash it ‘IN THE MUSIC’. Clad in her signature sexy short ballerina inspired frock, she dazzled in between a ‘Beyonce-like’ TWO GIRL ENTOURAGE/DANCERS….lets just say if the vid of ‘SINGLE LADIES’ was toned down, it definitely won’t have anything on this smooth performance!

Right Behind OMAWUNMI was NIKKI with her ROCK ENERGY-FILLED performance of her hit single YOUR THE ONLY ONE I WANT……sexy should not be left out in describing this babe here..with tight leather pants and heels that would have taken your breath away, she owned the stage for those five minutes behind the smoke trance themed stage!! Thankfully we now have an artiste in NIGERIA worthy to be called a ROCK STAR!!…as her performance opened the show the one thing i could hear from people’s mouths was- “heey are you sure she’s Nigerian?” as they waved their hands in the air . Yes people!!..that’s how Good it was!!!!!

Performances that didn’t really do it..or should i say…’werk’ for me was 9ICE..thought he could have done better by now with all the exposure and experience he’s had on stage thus far…it seemed a bit unrehearsed with a lot of improvisations. A traditional outfit (Agbada) that was uncalled for in the first place, was taken off mid-performance by LORD AJASA and later 9ice..It wasn’t too bad..but hey, in our evolving and explosive music industry right now, there’s no room for “leave it like that”.

Behind 9ICE was KEL..I really did expect more because I am a Staunch FAN of HER!!!!
With all the buzz behind WA WA ALRIGHT not to mention the Fantastic Video, I was overly excited when i heard she was going to take the stage. It felt a bit lazy and short. Maybe I was expecting too much anyway. The SWAG was still present though. But I was asking one question all night, “where’s all the attitude we saw in the video!?!”

I think my joy was stolen the moment BANKY W took the award for BEST MALE VOCAL PERFORMANCE over the likes of DARE!!!! and I dare say….WANDE COAL!!…i mean…come onnnnn!!!!!! I’ve heard of complimentary awards (for being the host) but this was pushing it!!!…

And then POP R&B went to 9ice over TU FACE??!!!!!!!…someone choke me now!!!!…..

ALL ‘N ‘ ALL, the other people I was rooting for all won. I think I screamed and applauded the loudest when OMAWUNMI won. ETCETERA’s award was well deserved too. I could have protested outside the venue NAKED if M.I didn’t win his categories!!! J MARTINS’ winning too was a high moment…TIMAYA..apart from winning made us laugh endlessly .

I was more that disappointed when neither TUFACE, D’BANJ, DARE NOR NIKKI won.
I mean DARE was obviously supposed to win BEST MALE VOCAL!!
TUFACE should have gone home with BEST R&B POP ALBUM

But hey, these are all MY OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS!!!!!!!
STILL, IT WAS A GLAM FILLED ELECTRIFYING SHOW and I cant wait for the 2010 edition!”


  1. Ola says:

    Was a great show all together.

  2. -UTI- says:

    No doubt it was!!!